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  1. Those lights are stealth. I plan on putting the front ones at the far corners of the front number plate.
  2. I had the same one in orange that did not work. Maybe it's the blinkers I bought. https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/search/go?w=Tusk+Round+L.E.D.+Turn+Signals+(4+Pack)
  3. Mine was the same and I turned the screw too, but it still blinks too fast. Maybe its defective. $ 4.00 on ebay, what do you expect?
  4. Tried that one, blinks too fast.
  5. California

    Pro or better!
  6. Hey guys, Converting to LED turn signals, what flasher relay works best? Thanks!
  7. Beta makes a lic plate holder that utilizes the 3 holes in the fender. I also got my Beta at SVC.
  8. May be best not to mention that on a public forum.
  9. I have a 2018 390 and haven't missed a shift yet.
  10. california

    So what time is everyone riding?
  11. california

    Thanks Sarge. I have ridden that area more than I can remember, I just never paid attention to the name of that fire road. I typically stage at the turn out there to access both sides.
  12. california

    I'm talking about staging up Quarry rd. I never stage at Rohwer. I stage at the trail head, the kennels, or San fran.
  13. california

    Why would people drive up there to stage? I guess if the trail head is full then you have no choice.
  14. california

    Where is quarry rd? Is that the kennels?
  15. california

    I would like to ride some wet dirt tomorrow. Who's going to ride?