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  1. brendan92298

    98 dodge ram 1500 4x4 5.2

    When did i ask why it broke?
  2. brendan92298

    98 dodge ram 1500 4x4 5.2

    pulled the cover off today and all the gears dropped out (excpet for the biggest one) the diff is toast the i also pulled the tires off with the axles and they look fine, no scaring
  3. Hey guys i traded a dirtbike for a dodge ram 1500 extended cab 4X4 5.2, had about a week and took it to some sand trails(whoops, couple inch jumps here and there) and it lasted about an hour (30-55 MPH) then the truck came to a stop. Not sure if the motor shut off or if it was the diff but we started it back up and took of except now we didnt have 2wd (drive shaft just spins) so i try 4H and we didnt get any where 4L got us crawling, so i turn around and putt back up the trail. Stopped by some people for conversation then tried to take off and the front left u joint snapped. What would you recommend doing? and what do you think is wrong with the rear end? I'm on a high school budget. Truck- dodge ram 1500 extended cab slt 4X4 5.2 5spd Rear end ratio- 3.55 Rear axle- dana (4...) Tires- 35in 315 wide
  4. brendan92298

    05 450 flame out?

    My bike Bogs really bad if I give it a quick blip of the throttle, I've done some reading and from what I have read that sounds like flame out. I'm not really sure what is happening to cause flame out. Due to this I'm I stall my bike ALOT most often landing a jump. Are there anyways to fix this? Rolling onto full throttle it wont bog just if it's quick
  5. brendan92298

    Bike won't start - 05 CRF450r

    why are you holding the HOT start when the bike is cold? Try starting it with out the hot start and it might run more than thirty seconds.
  6. brendan92298

    08 yz450f, new to me

    Thank you gray racer for the insight
  7. brendan92298

    08 yz450f, new to me

    My brother just bought a used 08 yz450f the guy he got it from said he had to do head work because it jumped timing. He test rode it and it looked like it ran fine got through all the gears no prob. But we went to the dunes and it was a little poppy slowing down, he let me take it for a spin and it felt super dead on the low end, mid and top were powerful though. Do these bikes have problems with valves like the crf's? Is it normal for this bike?
  8. brendan92298

    05 CRF450R with 09 Plastics Success!

    Cut off the tabs on the number plate ( right below Honda on the seat )then you will have a grab spot
  9. I would watch this video you can see at :30 seconds in where the sweet spot is, i would just start the video 20 seconds in. My bike has 2 clicks first one is hard to get through then when you feel the second stop and kick from the top. Hope this helps...
  10. my check list (probably going to forget some stuff) - check/clean air filter - check/replace engine oil - fork seals - after X many hours you should have your valves checked - chain slack - chain lube - check/replace sprockets - wheel bearings - swing arm(or am i thinking of something else?) bearing - SPOKES make sure they are tight all i can think of off the top of my head. Heres a link to a PDF owners manual for 2005 crf 450r - http://owners.honda.com/assets/ownerlink/model/own_man/powersports/2005/2005_crf450r.pdf |Grease|Chain |eng-tran oil |air filter |Chain i would recommend checking out pages 21, | 25 | 26 |36-40, |43-44 |86-88 Hope this helps
  11. Get some oil... actually alot of oil. keep it clean. i believe 05 has a common valve issue with the stock titanium valves.
  12. Its not reed's bike, he's just mad because some one let him borrow their bike and reed offerd to buy it but the guy said no and then put it up on ebay. <- summary for yah
  13. Open the hood on your car put your ear next to the airbox and and have some one rev the car a little, you will be able to hear it a lot better.
  14. brendan92298

    Best Tire for Ocotilla Wells/Plaster City

    You're a fool, No one will want an autograph from you. your already 20 and what have you accomplished so far in life regarding dirtbike riding? lets see some video's.
  15. brendan92298

    Best Tire for Ocotilla Wells/Plaster City

    pretty sure he just said he was sponsored lol \/--------------\/