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  1. Dan Wask

    Top Speed On 04' XR 100 Downhill

    Its threads like these that made me not frequent thumpertalk anymore....
  2. Dan Wask

    Pictures of riding today

    Thats all the pics I could get in haha the roots are in the woods where there isn't enough light to take a decent picture.
  3. Took some photos today. Nothing too terribly exciting just showing of my riding area.
  4. Dan Wask

    Got my cr 80 forks

    uhh don't cr80s have hydro brakes ?
  5. Dan Wask

    Need song suggestions

    ewwww linkin park....
  6. Dan Wask

    Need song suggestions

    swollen members- watch this swollen members- too hot ted nugent-storm troopin metallica- orion (its instrumental)
  7. Dan Wask

    New graphics..

    Of course as you drink the cuts will get progressively worse.
  8. Dan Wask

    My track behind my house....

    where in md are you ?
  9. cool stuff, coulda done without the queer music though.
  10. wheres your turd 165 ? Or are you still having the suspension revalved after you triple backflipped that 185 foot stepup triple section ?
  11. Dan Wask

    My track behind my house....

    whoa dude I dunno &%$#@! that is haha
  12. Dan Wask

    Wow, these guys are real fast!

    WOW ! What track was that, the dirt was practically blood red !
  13. Dan Wask

    Picked up an 88' XR80 today *PICS*

    Nice welds
  14. Dan Wask

    Pic of 2007 WR250F

    no e-start. its a fake.
  15. clearly you have no sense of sarcasm. What I said was a sort of satire on how everyone always seems to go "OMG ThAt iS sO teH ph0toshoppedss". Blow me