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  1. Mercedesautox

    16 Crf250l Clutch slip

    Not sure why the picture shows 4, it comes with 5 unless they changed it. https://www.instagram.com/p/BBdHC7yHcBf/
  2. Mercedesautox

    16 Crf250l Clutch slip

    It's worth it just to upgrade. Delete the judder spring with the extra friction plate included in the clutch kit. Plenty of information on how to do it in this forum. Here's amazon links to save you some time. Good luck! Barnett - 501-45-05050 - Clutch Spring Kit https://www.amazon.com/dp/B001656BFG/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_X1FlybKGDKWYT EBC Brakes CK1313 Clutch Friction Plate Kit https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0068FTYOE/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_k2FlybK84CA7D
  3. Mercedesautox

    new 250L or 250L Rally

    If you already have a 250l I would at least consider upgrading your current bike to a "rally". You've already taken the financial hit of purchasing a new bike. It would probably be 2-3k to upgrade to the 2017. Consider something like the lynx fairing and a corbin seat. They could be had for around $1k, and would likely be more comfortable, and have better lighting than a factory "rally".
  4. Mercedesautox

    want to try a different tire....not sure what one

    Xcmh up front, and Motoz mountain hybrid in the rear is the best I've found. I run it on my 450x as well. Good handling on road and the trials style tire hooks up off-road even when it's very worn. The mt43 is great off-road but gets sketchy on road as the tire has a squared shoulder that doesn't hold corners well. I scared myself away from that tire as a viable street option. With any trials tire you need to run low pressure to see the best traction off road. Running something like a tubliss setup works great!
  5. Mercedesautox

    Brand used bike question?

    If anything it's lean. Get an ejk first and add fuel. The ejk piggy packs on the existing system and adds fuel as opposed to modifying the map on the ecu. When it's removed so is the extra fuel it was adding.
  6. Mercedesautox

    Clip vs Rivet Master Link Connector

    2 months ago I parked my 450x super moto in my garage after a ride and happened to notice the clip that was holding my master link together was missing. It was a fairly new chain and link, maybe 2-3 months old, installed correctly and maintained properly. It scared me off the bike for a while. I will never use another clip link on the highway. I think it's worth it just for the piece of mind as much as safety to use a rivet.
  7. Mercedesautox

    license plate theft...

    Security bolts; can be found at home depot
  8. Mercedesautox

    Removing clutch side cover/Clutch upgrades

    Did my clutch upgrade yesterday after the stock one started slipping in high gear. Easy peasy after reading this thread. One thing I would like to contribute, after reading about pulling the rear brake lever and looking at it on my bike, I decided to try and avoid the hassle of replacing the pin. It is possible to avoid by pulling the brake reservoir and brake switch. The rear brake can then be moved out of the way. Overall it's not nearly as intimidating as it looks. Just takes time and patience. Thanks again for the write-ups and information you guys provide to this community.
  9. Mercedesautox

    Forks leaking badly

    I'm also interested in a more perminent solution. I've just accepted that I'm gonna be putting new seals in every few months. Factory seals blew in the first couple months. I then put Racetech gold valves and springs in. I've blown 2 seals since then. November will be 1 year and the bike is just under 4k miles. I also use a seal Dr after dirty rides. But there never seems to be much dirt under the seals. They seem to go without warning. No small oil rings ahead of time to warn you like my dirt bike. It's fine one day, and there's a puddle in the garage the next. It's frustrating. /rant
  10. Mercedesautox

    My bikes just WIERD

    I've noticed this too. Seems to run better in warmer temperatures, and seems to run substantially better at higher altitude.
  11. Mercedesautox

    CRF250L Suspension/Handling Upgrade Thread

    Just a quick update, I was able to put my RT suspension to the test a few weeks ago and what a difference it made. Over wet rocky terrain the mt43 and RT combination was impressive to say the least, and the only thing that slowed me down was riding ability. Video here: First bike up the hill is stage 1, 13/40, stock tires stock suspension. Second bike - mods in signature.
  12. Mercedesautox

    Airbox Modifications

    +1 on removing backfire screen
  13. Mercedesautox

    Airbox Modifications

    1. Remove existing snorkel 2. Cut a 2" rubber plumbing elbow in half 3. Dremmel existing snorkel hole to tightly fit small end of cut elbow 4. Install elbow in newly expanded hole. Worked for me at least... Keeps intake high so you don't suck water into the engine during water crossings.
  14. I originally tried to break it free using a cheater bar on the allen head, but it seemed like I was gonna strip the head. Not sure if I just got lucky, but i was able to get mine off without much trouble by using the allen wrench to hold the bolt and breaking the nut on the back free with a wrench on the back side of the sprocket. This is made much easier with a second set of hands.
  15. Mercedesautox

    Tires, Dirt Aggressive and DOT Certified

    Might depend on tire and gearing? I had clearance issues with a 4.0-18 (MT43) and 13/42s with stock 106L chain, it rubbed the swingarm. Quick fix was a 108L chain.