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    My old Harley. Police model, 103 ci engine (1692 cc).
  2. *tomkat*

    $2000 for a decent DR-Z 400s...need a reality check!?

    +1 on bikefinds. I've been looking there as well. Can also check out cycletrader.com. Good luck!
  3. *tomkat*

    Advice for Newbie...

    More great advice! Thanks again. Yup, skid plate and case savers seem to be definite immediate mods, based on what I have read. I imagine I will drop the bike as I'm learning how to ride off road, so need to protect it as much as possible. I'm having some problems finding a clean used bike locally, although I have found this mod'd '06 http://lascruces.craigslist.org/mcy/4845525980.html. Any thoughts? $3k seems high to me. Also found this out in Cali, but would have to pay for shipping. http://www.cycletrader.com/listing/2007-Suzuki-DR-Z400S-113675443
  4. *tomkat*

    Advice for Newbie...

    npm, I'm not sure what mods I'll end up doing. Partly depends on what mods (if any) have been done to the bike I end up getting. I know there's a lot of different things that people do to these bikes. I probably won't be doing too much street riding. Maybe 80/20 dirt/street. I have desert right outside my house, with a lot of sand and jeep trails. Then the mountains about an hour away, with a lot of forest road. The elevation up there will vary from about 6500' to 9000'. I'm thinking, at least to start: bigger tank aftermarket seat? good knobbies hand guards steering damper? It'll probably take me awhile learning the bike to figure out what I need to do to it!
  5. *tomkat*

    Advice for Newbie...

    Thanks all for the tips! I'm going to check out those DRZ faqs.
  6. *tomkat*

    Advice for Newbie...

    I haven't ridden dirt before. Unless you count the time I buried my old Harley in deep, soft sand along a road shoulder...
  7. *tomkat*

    Advice for Newbie...

    Hi all, I'm a newb here looking for some advice. I want to get into dirt riding and have pretty much decided on a used DRZs. Any advice as to things to look out for that are specific to the DRZ? Are there certain years that are better (or worse) than others? I don't know jack about offroad riding, but my current street bike is a 2013 Triumph Trophy sport tourer. Thanks! -Tom