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  1. weldabike

    1999 kx125 water in the pipe problem!!

    Okay so now the bike started and ran grate for about a hole day the only problem was that it had to be chocked to run... I will try to fix that soon but now today the bike wont run at all it wont start or anything. when you kick it it makes a pop and then the kick starter just pushes back up realy hard!! &%$#@! is going on now!! So i replaced the plug .... diddnet make a difference and then i pulled the pipe off and tiped it over in a pan and out slides this oily black sludge about three or four tea spoons of it inleast! ................ so now what do I do ? HELP!!!!!!
  2. weldabike

    1999 kx125 water in the pipe problem!!

    Well I have the engine runing now and I for some reason cant keep the bike runing unless I have it chocked..... When its chocked it runs just fine. maby somthing got jacked up when it sat with water in it, I did see some coolent leek from the carb when i had it off from one of the overflow toobs. All I did was replace the top end and base gasket and install a new pisten ring.
  3. weldabike

    1999 kx125 water in the pipe problem!!

    Well the head gasket diddnet look bad but the cylnder diddnet eather. Should i just buy a new base gasket or head gasket?
  4. Hey guys, how goes it! I just got a 1999 kx 125 for 400.00, it dosent run. I have torn it appart and can now see the reason that it will not start, the exhaust if full of coolent and there was even a good amount in the sclincer. I am going to the parts store today but I would love some help with finding whats going on!
  5. weldabike

    So what are you running?

    umm big bore kit, carb re jet,full yosh system, pro taper fatty bars, billet gas cap, drz 400 gas tank (lots of work but larger size) , M-12 tires , and bark busters ..... don't ask about the garage its all in need of updating!!
  6. weldabike

    Ford vs. Chavy vs. Toyota

    I have a F-150 right now and it has about 57,000 on it and so far no problems works grate and we just installed a warn winch fog lights new A.T tires and a new tailgate handle (not plastic) this time. But yeah my first truck was a t-100 beater and it had about 250,000 still ran when we got rid of it but it had a lot of little problems that pissed me off like the body had a lot of rust and the dors didn't shut right and just dumb little problems like that witch drove me to buy a 01 F-150 with the extended cab and the 6 foot bed and i like it quite a bit. good luck man and either way long as you have something that will get you to the place that you can ride you will be happy !!!
  7. weldabike

    Just bought 250

    yes the best way too lower the bike is the kaboto links we have two sets just sitting around but thats becasue we have two drz 250s and after about a year my syster used the old ones becasue when you get better and taller etc you need the ground clearance and it helps! but if your new to the sport then the links will help reassure your footing when your not so shure.
  8. weldabike

    Mock-up of Custom Graphics for the Project Bike

    needs more stand out its way to bland. And yes RHC needs some place on the bike ... hope he gets somthing to you.
  9. weldabike

    starter DRZ-250

    O well then all that i can say is keep checking ebay or well if the bike will run with out one then well try to find somone that wants to save the wate off of the bike.
  10. weldabike

    starter DRZ-250

    http://houseofmotorcycles.bikebandit.com/partsbandit/oem_schematic_view~schem_dept_id~710202~section_dept_id~1~section_dept_name~OEM+%28Stock%29+Parts~dept_type_id~2~model_dept_year~2002~model_dept_mfr~Suzuki~model_dept_id~703397~model_dept_name~DRZ250K2.asp Its a link to bike bandit for their oem starter and evething. just a short little thing will the bike start and run with no starter?
  11. weldabike

    dr-z250 air box

    cool man and yeah the drz-400 rear will fit fine and when you mix it with a nice new front sprocket you will have a killer combo and due to the wide part demande for drz-400 parts you can pick up some real nice rear sprokets. If you wana top that off as you wheir pointing twards you can slap on a tm33 carb and hit it with a k&N filter and finish it off with a nice re jetting and a exhaust like a yosh is nice and deep and it pulls real nice through all the gears but buy the full system if you have the chance. Another thing that you can think about is making it street leagle and it wasent too hard for me as well as a super moto and that works real nice the only problem is parts in witch i have found a good euro supplyer and the other problem is the power from the engine is a little low even with all the mods it dosent pump but if your looking for an easy inn for super moto then go for it!!! But remeber that you hafto have a track for that and it realy dosent hurt to have some miner suspenchen work done. All in all if your looking to get into super moto like i did you hafto start low and thats what i did and it worked real grate I mean it wasent fast but it was fun and now i have a 400 that i can fix up and have a super moto wepon but that all takes money that i dont have right now so i am solrey that i dont have any more pictures up but that will come later right now i am super bussy with work but i realy need to upgrade my grodge. Well later all !!! RIDE ON !!!
  12. weldabike

    dr-z250 air box

    http://www.rockymountainatv.com/Header.do The link is for the home page but the sight kicks a$$ for drz-250 parts but i do not see any sprockets !!!! so ill keep looking ! but just slect the bike and you can view the page
  13. weldabike

    Case saver for 250

    yeah i will try to get a bigger pic of it up but you can see some of it. Its just realy small but i made it so that you can use small or larger straps in it. so all you hafto do is lope a strap in it.
  14. weldabike

    dr-z250 air box

    hey o yeah well the air box "mod" can be bad or good. It all depends on what kind of riding that your planing on. If you are going to be on the 3.5 feet deep water crossings then just say hell no. All that I think that it does is turn your bike into a louder bike and for some people louder must mean more power!!! nope but their is a wide range of slip on exhausts that you can buy as well as air box vents that do not let water in (much better choice) becasue all the "air box mod" will do is make your bike louder and it will add a water bucket to your bike for that one time that you decited to take that cool water crossing that you dreamed about. but eather way if you want loud and you hate water go for it!! As for sprockets are you looking for top speed or climing power ? as far as mods if you want ill send you some places that have a larger slection becasue the more that you look at the drz-250 the more you will know that well theirs not many mods that you can get. well hope this can help later !!
  15. weldabike

    Case saver for 250

    Yeah it is. I work at a local welding shop hear in denver so i just tig welded some 6061 and cut a fue holes. In the end it was realy just a wast of time becasue the one that you can buy is about the same and i can make in 2 or 3 hours of working is about what it would coast to just buy one new. But o well it was somthing that i could say that i made from hand i guess so is the rack on the back its just fore holding or straping things down but it works good.