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  1. CRFracer716

    Bike acting weird

    I have an 05 kx 250f and I took my bike to the dealer ship a few days ago to have a check up and have the valves checked on it. I just picked it up yesterday and rode it today for its first time back and its acting way different. First the idol is set way too high, it moves with no throttle. The second thing is it has absolutley no decompression now when I shift down, like thumpers are supposed to have. The other thing is the bike hits the rev limiter to quickly, it feels like im ridin my friends rm 250 instead of my bike. If you know anything i can do please tell me. P.S. this is my friends account so thats why its crfracer and not kxfracer.
  2. CRFracer716


    I can take corners pretty fast but i have some questions. we have this 7ft high corner at a local track and it is a pretty tight corner. Ok, so i was watching some pros do it and i saw some pros sit down all the way through the corner and then i saw some pros stand up through half the corner, and then sit down in the middle of the corner and accelerate then. Which way is the correct way? thanks, kyke
  3. CRFracer716

    2005 KXF250 Top End

    I noticed on my 05 it dosent have much top end. How can i change that? Cam timing? Also, how do i do it? Thanks,
  4. CRFracer716

    Kx250f just dyes on me!! need help

    i got a tip.............PIN IT!!!
  5. CRFracer716

    Pics of your CRF250R/X

    ok thanks, i am going to get the Dr.D pipe. Have you done anything else to your bike?? thanks,
  6. CRFracer716

    Pics of your CRF250R/X

    First save your pic on your computer, then you have to have a website host it. I recommend mypicgallery.com or photobucket.com. THen when you have it hosted right click the image and copy the url address. Then when you go to post it put [img*] url address[/img*] BUT WITH OUT THE *. or you can send the pics to CRFracer716@aol.com and i can do it for you.
  7. CRFracer716

    Pics of your CRF250R/X

    SWEET BIKE!!! How do you like your Dr.D pipe???? i am thinking about getting one
  8. CRFracer716

    Pics of your CRF250R/X

    Lets see some pics of your guys CRF. I am getting some pics of mine tomorrow so i will post then. Thanks, Kyle
  9. CRFracer716

    2005 honda crf250 mods

    Sweet. Congrats on 3rd. I wanted to race the mostatemx but school and all that it didnt work out. Your track sound sweet. maybe i could come out and ride some time.
  10. CRFracer716

    2005 honda crf250 mods

    Hey MX pro, what part of kansas city are you from?? I live in Parkville. Do you race at Grindstone and kingsville?? I have a full size mx track at my house, maybe we can ride sometime. Also i heard that Dr. D makes the best pipe for the CRF250, and Crower 1 cam produces termendious bottom end for the crf.