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    xt350 cuts out when letting off the throttle

    should i just disassemble it and remove all rubber and plastic and soak it in degreaser or is it worth buying a carb rebuild kit and using that? heres the carb. not super clean on the outside but the red arrows are pointing to nipples which had no hoses connected to them when i pulled the carb off
  2. hello all, long time lurker first post. i bought a xt350 without a title for $300 from a buddy. when i checked out it started easily and ran fairly well. it has about 3500 miles on it and seems in pretty good shape once i got it warmed up i noticed the idle was turned way up and didn't run at high RPMs until i had taken it a a couple blocks. so heres my problem: i'll get it started and let it warm up. it will idle just fine and rev up perfectly. but after i go about a quarter mile once i let off the gas and put it in neutral it will die. even if i dump the clutch and try and let it start with the rolling power it will die on me. it takes about 10 minutes to get it started again and it will do the same thing. i just disassembled the carb and it looks fairly clean but i don't know the most about these carbs. any ideas? thanks, cal