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  1. CRFfofiddy

    02 crf450r Graphics?

    I'm having this problem as well. All the stuff I like, I can't get.
  2. If the hub is pretty clean and the basket that came off was all notched out, then yes changing the just basket should help quite a bit. I'm assuming the hub just has nornal wear and tear on it. But if you don't have the money to get a new one, you may as well just replace the basket now and see how it works. You might not even need one.
  3. CRFfofiddy

    Heat and valves?

    To add to that, I think heard that the accelerator pump sprays into the left side of the intake port. I believe somebody posted a pic of a carb that showed the gas spraying out of the AC nozzel at an angle to the left. Just another variable to this dilemma I guess..
  4. CRFfofiddy

    Heat and valves?

    If you're using the OEM valves, that in itself may be part of the problem. My understanding is that they are not made of very good material, and all the valves are not the same. Some are made better than others. I am on my second set of valves for my '02 and after 2 yrs. one has finally dropped. JUST ONE. If it were maintenance, rpms, and heat wouldn't both of them be shot? I think it is the variations in each valve as well as the springs. If you got a pair of the good ones, then you lucked out.
  5. CRFfofiddy

    What Do I need?

    I like to freshen up the exhaust side while I'm in there. I don't screw with the valves, just new springs and seals for the exhaust. It's cheap, may as well..
  6. CRFfofiddy

    White Honda

  7. CRFfofiddy

    White Honda

    Does anybody know who is selling those MDK graphics? I couldn't find them through my brief search.
  8. CRFfofiddy

    s/s valves???

    You need the spring kit. SS valves are heavier and you need stronger springs to complement.
  9. CRFfofiddy

    New sprokets and chain recommendations?

    Ya know, I actually bought those from MotoSport Outlet. I bought something else around the same time from Rocky Mountain, I thought it was from them for some reason. Anyways, here's the link to MotoSport. According to their ad in Dirt Rider, you can upgrade the package to an R3 chain for an additional $20 and for $35 you can get a DID X-ring. Unfortunately, their prices came up a little, but still not too bad. MotoSport
  10. CRFfofiddy

    New sprokets and chain recommendations?

    If you are doing long distance rides, then it would be beneficial to get an 0/X-ring chain. Don't forget the spacer..
  11. CRFfofiddy

    Quad powered human catapult

    What if one of those bungees broke... She would be meeting that pole in a way she never imagined.
  12. CRFfofiddy

    Lewis CRF450R with Dual Exhaust at Phoenix SX

    I hope those cans come with a stiffer shock spring... That looks ridiculous.
  13. CRFfofiddy

    New sprokets and chain recommendations?

    I bought Ironman sprockets from Rocky Mountain as a package deal with a Renthal R3 chain, and the setup seems pretty soild. Chain barely stretched and the sprockets are showing minimal wear. I have had them on there for about a year and a half. They're gonna cost a little more, but well worth the longevity. I think a lot of other people on here like them, too. That's why I bought them.
  14. CRFfofiddy

    feeler gauge problem...hold your fire!!!

    The logic is, that small feeler gauges are hard to manipulate into those tight areas. It helps me to figure out if I have any clearance at all. If it doesn't help you don't bother with it.....If you have to reshim it's probably time to revalve.
  15. CRFfofiddy

    feeler gauge problem...hold your fire!!!

    Not necessarily, they might be sealing just enough to get compression and be on their last leg at the same time. Is it both intakes or just one? See if you can GENTLY push down the bucket ever so slightly so you can put your smallest(.001 or .002) feeler gauge in there. When it goes in, see if it pulls out tight. If so, you know there is no clearance. It's probably not the best practice pushing down on the bucket like that, so be careful and use something blunt to do it. I haven't had any problems doing that, and you'll know for sure.