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  1. Mine is "Well education's gotta cost something." In my case, being strictly a hobbyist, not a mechanic, and trying to work through these things on my own (and internet assistance), I'm occasionally going to screw up. Mostly it's just frustration and extra unneeded steps and time doing something I've never tried to do before. Sometimes it costs actual money. But usually I get it sorted and back together without leftover pieces. And at the end I'll also have a better idea what goes where and how. When you buy an exotic bike and there are only 3 dealers within 150 miles (closest is 90) you have to expect to do some tinkering on your own. These forums are what make owning a Beta posssible for me.
  2. I went with the recommendation for my weight. A lot of the +2 discussion bagan in 2015. As the 2016 spring is longer and there's rarely much air under my bike I just with Beta's chart. And I'm probably not going to be the guy who will notice the difference anyway, as long as I'm able to get the sag right.
  3. Thanks, you are fallback alternative 1A if mine doesn't work out.
  4. Maybe. Hard to say at this point and I'm not taking it back out to investigate if I don't have to. Thanks for the 140 psi suggestion.
  5. Well that didn' take long - thank you for the suggestions to depressurize! ?? I was able to move the rod up enough that the damper screw would thread in. Threads looked good and the screw started and seated fine so hopefully all's well there. Rod end was/is round and looked ok thru a magnifier and bright light. No way to get a phone pic of it though. Here's a couple pics of the damper screw Tried air to pressure it but don't think 120 psi was enough to make it work properly. Will need to find a shop to get it refilled properly and see if it's fixed. Anyone know the pressure spec for this shock? Moto9 I know you probably did more serious internal tinkering and trying to improve it than most here, so your input's appreciated. Thanks all for feedback and suggestions. And here's a pic of the superr deal 2015 spring
  6. Hey, I read the owners manual! And downloaded and read the parts maunal. My problem is none of them anticipated me disassembling something not meant to be disassembled. I've seen me in action before. It does not look to me the damper rod screw is broken or damaged. I'll post a picture later for opinions. I'm betting it's pretty similar in design as on other shocks also. Then I guess I'll depressurize it and see what I can do then. I thought about the Fox replacement as a last alternative if I don't get this one sorted out. My riding style, skill, and speed don't warrant the cost of an upgrade shock but if I can't fix mine and have to pay somebody very much at all, that equation changes.
  7. Uh oh. No replies is not good
  8. Twice, actually. The relatively minor first one was the 5.8 spring I ordered from AOMC last August and finally got around to trying to install. It's the 2015 spring (AB-10145-58) and of course is too short. As I hadn't even removed it from the wrapping I was hopeful I could return to AOMC and order the right spring. Nope, no dice, couldn't authorize because of time lapsed. Oh well. I went to Motorsports/ Sierra and ordered the correct spring. Anyone looking for a really good deal on an unused 5.8 spring for your 2015 2015 2015! Xtrainer? More serious screw-up: While fiddling around trying to see how to get the lower ring off, and not being sure whether it slid over the mounting yoke or if the yoke had to be removed, I removed the little hex head set screw and (why?! why?!) the slotted screw, which I belatedly realized was the rebound damper screw. It's a very interesting little thing. Looking at how it was constructed made me understand what that sound was I heard when I removed it - it was the spring loaded rebound damper rod snicking itself to its fullest extension. I just put everything down, called it quits for the evening and got a beer. Two days later I still havent divined just how to get the adjuster screw back in, so fugured it was time to ask for help before I did something very expensively wrong. If I haven't already. Is there a way to get it back together without taking the shock apart from the top (which I'm not going to attempt)? Can the lower mounting yoke be removed from the shaft to do it? If so, how? And how to remount on the shaft? I tried tapping on it faiely gently with a nylon dead blow hammer but it didn't just move so I quit. Any help is much appreciated. -Scott
  9. wsjones

    Maintenance, adjustments, and modifications to our Betas

    Thank you. Looked like it should be a good o-ring seal but the presence of OEM residue got me wondering.
  10. wsjones

    Maintenance, adjustments, and modifications to our Betas

    Quick carb question: I pulled the carb off my XT to check/adjust the float. I noticed that there was a very thin skim of silicone or some other sealant on the bowl/carb body and rubber gasket. Should I do the same on reassembly? If so, what's the recommended product? My thought is to pull the rubber gasket, clean off the remainder of the residue, rib a minimal coating of clear RTV on.the gasket then reassemble. Thoughts? Suggestions? Am I over-thinking this? Thanks. -Scott
  11. wsjones

    Xtrainer Fresco Pipe

    Until that guy with a GT380 OR 550 showed up. Or that bastard with an H1. Or fool with an H2.
  12. wsjones

    Show me your...BETA !

    Ouch. And not just the bike. You bung yourself up bad? Healed?
  13. wsjones

    2016 or 2017 xtrainer when price is only $750

    So, Pete, you buy one yet?! Pics!
  14. wsjones

    Xtrainer Front Brake Pad Spring Question

    Thanks. I emailed Acerrbis and they confirmed they do not make a mount for Xtrainer, which surprised me.
  15. wsjones

    Xtrainer Front Brake Pad Spring Question

    Thanks for the video tutorial. But I think I figured it out - I had the spring in right but the Acerbis disc guard mount simply doesn't work with the Xtrainer. I ordered one for 250/300 RR thinking it would fit, but apparently not the case. Took it off and put original axle spacer back in and all's fine. Now for the next post on what mount will fit?! Thanks again.