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  1. CosiestUnicorn

    The 150 Club

    The numbers match what BRP has on their website except the ending on their website its BO1 instead of 2. They have the same picture but I don't have the threaded insert for it and the sprocket still hits it. I am running a 50 tooth rear instead of a 48 but from what I know the sx and xc-w use the same guide.
  2. CosiestUnicorn

    The 150 Club

    Does anybody have a BRP chain guide on their bike? I just got one for my 2016 and it there are no threads for the bolt closer to the sprocket. And no mounting hardware was supplied to fix it. When I put both bolts in the sprocket hits the top the the guide. The packaging says it will fit on a 2007 KTM 125-450 and 08-16 125-530. Looking at pictures online most have the removable part on top but mine is on the bottom.
  3. CosiestUnicorn

    How many ride an MX bike as if it were trail?

    Try guts racing they make softer seats. I have never used them though so I don't know how soft they really are.
  4. CosiestUnicorn

    2017 150 XC-W Review

    I have a 2016 150sx modified for woods. I got to ride a stock 2017 250sx about a month ago. Of course there was way more bottom end but the mid and top felt pretty similar.
  5. CosiestUnicorn

    I cant feel my bike.

    Out of curiosity what year is your 150? If you want to calm the bike down you can get this http://slavensracing.com/shop/power-valve-tuning-kit/ the green is the most tame yellow is in the middle red is the hardest hitting. There is a video in the description showing you how to replace the springs. I run the yellow in my 150sx. There is a connector under the tank that you can unplug it will set the ignition to "mild". It does not do much it just takes a little bit of the hit off of the top. The video below shows you what connector it is you don't need the switch it just makes it easier to change. If that does not calm it down enough you could get a flywheel weight but they are around $100.
  6. CosiestUnicorn

    250f: Do I really want this?

    That is what I like about them you have to be on your toes while riding them. Rode a 2017 250sx recently amazing bike but the engine just did not fit my riding style.
  7. CosiestUnicorn

    250f: Do I really want this?

    Try to ride a 2t before you buy one. That's the best way to tell if they will fit your riding style. If you go for a small bore 2t I recommend the 150sx. I have a 2016 it drains your energy and is difficult to ride properly but it's the most fun bike I have ever ridden. The small bore 2 strokes require a lot of clutch slipping and dropping to keep the engine in the meat of the power.