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  1. Glad to hear it sounds the same. Maybe it is the starter motor like John170950 mentioned I just finished changing the oil when I took the video. It runs through all the gears great, starts and idles with no issues. Im going to talk to my dealer just in case. Thanks for the input guys
  2. Yes it has Electric Start The bike was sitting for a long time. I bought it brand new 2 1/2 months ago and it is a 2016 model, built in late 2015.
  3. The Oil Pump is on the right side
  4. Did you listen to the video I linked? Does your 2018 sound like that?
    Hella fun
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    Hella fun
  6. This is my son's 2016 TTR125LE. It was brought brand new as a leftover. I noticed a whirring noise when riding or revving the engine. The noise is the same with or without the clutch pulled in. Here is a video of the engine running. After watching it, I can hear the noise more from the right side of the bike. (hopefully the link works) Does this sound normal?
  7. My first brand new bike. A 2017 YZ450FX. I've only had it out long enough to break it in. My son's TTR110 is in the picture too.