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  1. ///Z

    OEM Graphics for 15' SM?

    yes. i don't care what it costs lol i just want it to look good
  2. I just ordered a new body panel piece for the right rear of my bike but it came with no graphics. I looked at all of the part schematics but I can't find it. Can anyone help me out with this? Should I try to heat gun the old stickers off? I want to keep it stock looking
  3. ///Z

    Gold Axle Sliders for a SM?

    Gold. I want to to match my rims.That idea may work I guess
  4. Anyone got any suggestions? I was going to order them from customhandmade but I don't think they are taking any orders anymore.
  5. ///Z

    The riding game.

    got it. next: your bike in front of a fire hydrant
  6. ///Z

    The riding game.

    I road past a goodwill store today in the parking lot but didn't stop to take a pic since my phone died but I have it on go pro. I'll go through the footage later tonight
  7. ///Z

    The riding game.

    Man, I could really go for a passion tea lemonade right now.. I know where I'm going to straight after work lol
  8. ///Z

    The riding game.

    Pic by a Starbucks
  9. ///Z

    The riding game.

    Went on a little adventure with the dr200 and took the r1 out as well. Didn't take any photos of the drz but I've mainly been on that
  10. If you feel like you've been raped, ill make you feel better. Last year, my OTD cost on a brand new 15' was ~$9600. Or maybe it was $9300. Not sure but it was in that range. You could get a great deal on a leftover.
  11. ///Z

    The riding game.

    Wow this game is dead. I found a bridge with some snow. Next challenge: in front of a hardware store
  12. ///Z

    The riding game.

    I road under the bridge but I thought the challenge was something different so I didn't stop and take a pic lol. I have it on go pro though
  13. ///Z

    The riding game.

    I didn't have break away levers so the clutch cable needs to be replaced. It's holding on by a hair. That's the only reason why I was able to ride home.. the clutch safety sensor broke so the bike would not start so I had to remove it, and bridge the connector with the screw driver so it would start. I'm going to go bypass that stupid thing. If I wasn't for the factory tool kit, I would have been stranded. I'm also going to add a kick starter. I'm just glad it was te little DR200 and not my new drz lol
  14. ///Z

    The riding game.

    lol yup. This is the second time I ever crashed and coincidentally it was in slushy ice again and it was the same bike.. I'll take this crash as my 1 and only crash for 2016; I'm scared for what it's going to be like in 2017 lol
  15. ///Z

    The riding game.

    Apparently I road over some ice.. I was trying to get close to this frozen pond lol. I picked the bike up and I slipped on more ice and dropped it twice haha. And yes, I forgot to get a pic of the frozen pond.... I manage to break my clutch cable (holding on by a thread) and the clutch safety switch, Had to bump start it.