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  1. Exactly the kind of information I was looking for, thank you Judging from the article there isn't that much difference between stock and the a-kit...bit disappointing really. Excellent idea! I had not thought about having two sets of stock suspension, but it would be a good way of doing it. Thank you!
  2. Thank you dan, that was the kind of input I was after I do not have a hidden agenda here, and I am not looking to have any preconceived opinions confirmed. I genuinely want to know the pros and cons (primarily a lighter wallet ) of getting a-kit suspension so that I can make an educated choice when deciding how to spend our money.
  3. Thank you guys for all the well-meant advice. We are not new to this, we have been racing for 5 years, had 4 50cc machines, 3 65cc machines, 2 85cc machines, 3 150cc machines, we train with experienced trainers almost weekly. I know how suspension works, we have adjusted the current stock suspension, we work with an experienced mechanic adjusting valves/oil/etc on the current stock suspension. I feel that the stock suspension is doing its job ok. BUT I can also see than in the boys race class we are one of the VERY few that run stock suspension. So my question is: What benefits do a factory/a-kit suspension provide to the rider and/or mechanic over a stock suspension? I am asking here because it is hard to get unbiased answers from the local suspension experts because they also sell the stuff. I am not looking for an opportunity to lighten my wallet, I find there are plenty of those when you ride MX. But I would like to know what the benefits are of the factory kit so that I can make a well informed decision on whether or not to buy it.
  4. My experience with former/current pro's are a bit different, I find they typically pay very little attention to the setup of the bike (which is ok). But that is beside the point here I was asking quite specific what there was to gain buy throwing big money after a factory/a-kit suspension.
  5. BoMadsen

    Air when forks compressed

    "Well there's your problem!" Try to replace them with the standard screws and see if your air leak doesn't go away.
  6. Mog thank you for taking the time to answer this But what you describe are (some) of the technical differences between an improved aftermarket suspension kit and a standard kit, I am more looking for the benefits of having the improved suspension...other than it looks cool At the price they are taking for the a-kit stuff, I sincerely hope that it provides some benefits over a standard kit...
  7. Mla I agree! But this specific question was not what we could do to make the kid go faster, but what advantages you gain by buying a top suspension. Then what does factory suspension do that standard suspension don't do?
  8. Well, that depends on what you mean by "need to mess with it" The suspension is definitely working right now, and I would go so long as to say that it is working well. We have ridden everything between really race bumpy hard pack to deep sand and it has been doing fine. But (and fortunately there is always one of those ) my question was more along the lines of: what if I dropped big bucks for a factory/a-kit type of suspension, would it be even better? Would it make the nasty sharp braking bumps feel a little less nasty, would it make it a bit easier to surf across the deep rolling sand holes...etc
  9. Heheh you are right, might be worth it just for the mental aspect of it For now I have settled for buying the suspension bible book, I hope that can provide some answers.
  10. Thank you for the long and elaborate response. No experience needed with neither the bike nor the setups mentioned, my question was more theoretical. I get what you are saying, I just don't understand why it is so. In my head, the more advanced components in factory/A kit/what-not suspension must provide some kind of improvement over the (relative) simple stock suspension...no? I understand that there are A LOT of other factors in play here also, but in my mind a well adjusted top-of-the-line suspension must perform better than a well adjusted stock suspension. I totally agree mla And as such we have nothing to blame on our stock suspension, it is doing its job. But the kid just moved up a class for this year, and when looking around in the parc ferme I can see that we are just about the only once running stock suspension. I have been in this game enough years to know that mini racing is just as much about the dads showing off as it is about the kids racing, but this many got me thinking what we where missing out on
  11. Hello fellow thumbers, I started this thread in the YZ 2 stroke forum asking specifically for experience with upgrading the suspension on the 2019 YZ85. Unfortunately there wasn't much luck there, so I will try with a more general question in here Generally speaking, what can one expect to gain by replacing the stock suspension with an aftermarket kit (Ohlins, Race Tech, Del Saggio etc)? I know that stock suspension when properly adjusted will work, and it does on the kids bike. But I believe that suspension technology must have improved since Yamaha designed the suspension on the YZ85, and that improvement must provide some kind of benefits...or am I wrong here?
  12. BoMadsen

    2019 YZ85 Suspension upgrades

    I have had a couple of big bike Yamaha's, and absolutely loved the SSS suspension. So when Yamaha said that the 2019 had new updated suspension, that was the push we needed to go blue. Which is why I was all the more disappointed when I found out that they where still the old and simple internals. Regarding the KX85, I feel that it lacks a lot of modern features, which is also why I would never consider buying one. And just to be clear: I am not saying that the stock YZ85 suspension is bad or in any way useless, I was just poking around to see if anyone had experience with other suspension setups for the bike
  13. BoMadsen

    2019 YZ85 Suspension upgrades

    I didn't know that they discontinued parts that fast, but I had heard that they are a bit hard to work on and require special knowledge/tools. Thanks for the heads up! The stock setup is doing its job. But the shock rebound is almost all the way in, and we had to change to a thicker oil in the forks to get ANY rebound dampning. But with these changes it is doing ok. Yes, both of these can be fixed with a revalve I know. Yamaha doesn't list a standard weight for the rider, but shock pre-load and sag is within specs. I know that suspension technology has come a long way since these components where designed, so I believe that a newer more modern setup have the potential to be "better". Better either in the form of being more forgiving setup wise (I find getting suspension feedback from an 11yo is REALLY hard), and/or better at sucking up holes and landings without bottoming out.
  14. Hi all, After having taken the suspension on our 2019 YZ85 apart for renovation, I can see that the "new" suspension they touted for 2019 is just the same old suspension technology as the previous models So I am considering replacing/upgrading the suspension to something more modern and would like to hear if anyone have tried different suspension setups on the YZ85? As far as I can see there is a lot to choose from. Ranging from whole cartridges from companies like Ohlins, over partial replacements such as Race Tech gold valves, to "just" a revalve. 🤪
  15. BoMadsen

    Pros and cons of a yz85

    Depending on where he lives, it might be available with big wheels. For example in Europe it is available in both 19/16" and 17/14" versions. Other than that, a set of aftermarket wheels would do the trick And it is a super bike, kid just reached 60 hours of fairly hard MX on his 2019, and we have not had a single issue with it (other than a fried clutch due to human error).