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  1. the dual system really only works with Cable clutches, you can fit an override to the KTM BUT not with the rear brake up there as well... heres some inages of the set up on my bike....
  2. I use a Rekluse for Trail and Supermoto riding, mine has been fitted for the last 18months, with no effect on clutch life so far...oil changes are the same intervals as normal ! My set up is the full monty with not only the back brake up on the left bar, the foot brake is retained as well, and I have a 2 finger override for the clutch as well... (this is because we use my bike to Demo the product as I am a UK dealer for them... ) the effort to pull this is very little, I can pull the clutch in at ANY RPM to pop the front up, pull wheelies, whatever.....
  3. Guy

    Front sporcket info!!!! 15 tooth?

    15 T fits No problem at all.used extensivley for Super Moto use..also....a 16T will fit.... but an O ring chain will just to say shave the cases... I ran it for a bit but then took it off as 5th was an overdrive !
  4. Guy

    WR on the road

    on Super Moto wheels I run 15/42.......it helps calm things down a lot !
  5. Guy

    WR on the road

    ahh not quite true that..you can use full on MX tyres on the road....(not legally of course ) and they handle OK...not good but OK, you can carry enough grip tomget theback wheel off the floor !I prefer fitting SM wheels and proper tyres, but when Trail riding I have to ride the roads with Knobblies on !
  6. Guy

    Magura Clutches are PANTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    At the risk of being a smart arse here....WHY did you need recovering just cos the Magura had bombed ???? surely you could have ridden without it OK ??? and...why dont you take the lever and cable in a pack with you, 20 mins tops to replace it so the day isnt a wash out ! I always used to and never had a problem ! (WR400)
  7. its only available in the street legal kit not as stock on the euro/uk WR's.,, this subject is quite an old one and has been done to death a few times ! the general consensus last time was that just routing the hose to the airbox wasnt that good as all the white goo you get from collects in the box ! as someone here has already mentioned a small T section approx 1 " down the hose (so ALL the smeg will drop out of the hose !) then a secondry hose routed to the airbox, will ensure that there is NO suck back as when the lower hose is submerged it will suck from the upper.... and if the upper hose is submerged..... you is in the Pooh ! the PCV valve was also discussed at length at I seem to recall that the opinion was expressed the the engine needs to "suck " as well as "blow" so it would in fact create negative air pressure in the crankcases.not ness a good thing !
  8. DON'T mount the slave too rigid !.....I tried it with a rubber grommit and within 2 weeks of use the end of the slave had ovalised and was leaking ! You need to let the slave move around, or the arc that it describes in use WILL wear it PDQ !
  9. Guy

    Specifix Questions - Grey/Blue Wire

    well.....as I understand it....(and I'm prepared to be corrected here !) the blue wire disables the false rev limiter in Neutral and thus gives a stronger spark for starting.... so...I've never bothered as my 99 stillstart 1st kick and the 450 starts first push !..... I traced the grey wire on my 99 and it deffo terminated before it did anything....
  10. Guy

    Well it finally happened!!!

    ROFL...well I still have my colourful leathers...YES ! and err.....Italian ??? it was Swedish ! and it wasnt a disater...it was fun..but the chance for a WR rose and I took it !
  11. LOL.my 99 WR400 is still on ALL the original top end, at a recent dyno session it was still making 45 at the rear wheel.......I hate to think how mwnayhours it has on it..its been Super moto'd for street use as well !
  12. Guy

    Well it finally happened!!!

    Moi ???? Threadjacking ???? Shurely not !
  13. Guy

    Well it finally happened!!!

    AHhhh Jackazz.........check my join date !
  14. Guy

    426/450 Exhaust Question

    I haven't tried it myself, but my mate with his 04WR tried an 02 YZ can on and it fouls the subframe..... so I'd say NO.....but still might be worth a check !
  15. Guy

    Specifix Questions - Grey/Blue Wire

    I've always been led to believe that both the Grey and Blue wire mods were specific to USA models only, none of the Canadian, Euro or UK models have these wires connected ???? Certainly on my 99 WR400, the grey wire terminated in the block connector before it went to whatever it went to ! IYSWIM ! Liike the throttle stop, in the UK and Euro we get the shorter stop as stock.no mod req'd