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    What DON'T you like about your DRZ?

    its the ultimate hooligan bike in my eyes...amazingly fun for ripping around town and cruising backroads but like someone else said, its not a commuter in my opinion. i personally am doing the exact opposite as you:selling the drz to try a sportbike because the drz is my only bike and i dont feel as though it is cutting it for the highway commutes. i have an S on knobbies and im sure it would be much better with an SM setup but i can sell my bike as it is now and find a beautiful 600....never know, i may be back to a SM before i know it if i dont enjoy the 600......im just not comfortable getting blown around like a ragdoll on the highway and getting passed by cars on my commute lol you will definitly enjoy the drz though, its so much fun and like you said, HARD to keep from screwing around. that front wheel just does not like staying down and the local police can vouch for me on that:p
  2. ny400ex

    Insurance bill came today. WOO-HOO!!

    i pay 530 a year full coverage and that is A DREAM compared to what i will be paying on my 600rr....the joys of being an 18 year old motorcycle rider!!
  3. ny400ex

    sm setup that much better for street?

    thanks alot for the responses so far....passenger wise i HAVE pegs on my bike but its way too uncomfortable riding a passenger.....i hate to say it but the girls hate the drz anyway lol...its hilarious they all flock to my buddies r6 and f4i HAHA! on my commute it seems like im always going as fast as the bike will go without wobbling off the road...im on eastern long island and its known to be windy as hell so alot of my commutes are hairy...yesterday i rode to school and was in a full on tuck trying to stay on the bike at 70 and a few sportbikes rode by me like it was nothing....im sure it has to do with the aerodynamic styling and extra weight for stability im running stock S gearing on the knobbies and the most i can ride at for a distance is around 70...it seems so fast talking about it but at 70 im getting passed by other cars and bikes. 4strokeonly DEFINITLY keep me posted on the sm setup....looking forward to hearing what you have to say im 18 years old with a good head on my shoulders and a pretty good amount of previous riding experience....been on the street since november so im still a n00b for road riding. the drz is an awsome bike to learn on no doubt and as you all know a friggin BLAST around town but just the sight of a nice sportbike cruising by me gives me the butterflies:busted: maybe ill do the trade, see how i like the sportbike and if i happen to want the drz back, sell it off and pick up an already set up sm.
  4. as it stands i currently ride my 06 S 95% on the street. i set it up with kenda k270 knobbys when i first bought it thinking that i would enjoy riding it offroad but after a day of getting stuck in mud, lifting the beast up on steep inclines and wiggling and wobbling through the sandpits trying to keep up with my quad riding friends i realized its DEFINITLY not the offroad bike that i hoped itd be. i ride a 10 mile commute to school during the week along with running around the town and doing errands and i enjoy doing nice back road and twistie runs on the weekends. the bike is a TON of fun around town and theres nothing like blasting up main st. on a thumper setting off car alarms but once i hit the open road to school it doesnt get so fun. i seem to get blown around like a ragdoll, the knobbies get pretty damn scary cruising with traffic at 70, and i feel like im revved the F out on the poor thing the whole way...i decided i need to do something after getting PASSED up today by some little geo metro and honda civics in traffic.now obviously we all know the drz isnt made to tour around the world on highways but i hear of plenty people who say they do 35-40 mile daily commutes on their sm. once the weather warms up i really plan on using my bike ALOT. commuting every day, and doing nice rides out to chill spots on the weekend ranging from 10-40 miles away at times. im having a debate on what i should do...2 options. option 1: trade the drz off for a 600. ive had some nice trade offers already, mainly an 04 zx6r with equal mileage in good shape....i could trade straight up and have something made to ride the roads, be able to comfortably bring a girl out if i wanted, but also in return lose the fun hooligan factor of the drz, worse gas mileage. i got an insurance quote today for liability and theft only and it is $500 more a year than the drz's full coverage...which sucks...badly(full coverage on the 6 would be $1800 more than the drz's and thats out of the question). i LOVE the look,sound,and image of the sportbikes and all of my riding buddies are on them...im the only non-sportbike of the group. option 2: set my drz up for the street. sell the rims and tires i got and throw on a used drz SM wheelset along with an SM fender and smaller mirrors to hopefully get ride of the nasty wind wobble...maybe work on the gearing alittle to get a bit better cruising speed. i would have the fun factor of the drz(which isnt always good either, every stop sign/red light/break in traffic is tempting to loft that front wheel LOL),keep my current insurance,better on gas but would not be able to ride a girl out to the chill spots, would still be the "odd" one out of the pack, and would risk dumping all of that $ in and still not being satisfied with it. im kinda stuck and would really appreciate some insight.....would ditching the dirt setup and going to a sm wheelset/fender/gearing make road riding that much better or am i better off on the heavy,expensive,unhooliganistic(i made that up) but street worthy 600? thanks!! (i wear boots, nikes were an inside joke:thumbsup: )
  5. ny400ex

    Supermoto Bikes Are Lame...

    its true...i see kids laughing at me when i pull my knobbied S into the school parking lot and the girls look and turn the other way...although its a fun bike it does kind of suck that people think its a joke..almost like a big moped lol!!! im real curious as to how i would like a sportbike so im gonna trade my drz for a 600 and see what happens...i can always go back to a SM if i dont like the 600...im not doing it for girls, not big on riding a passenger anyway but im just trying to explore new things.
  6. ny400ex

    LED INDICATORS to fast 2004s model

    same here i was happy to see mine blink quicker...also noticed it made it harder to forget they were flashing since the green light became much more noticeable
  7. ny400ex

    Street riding tips?

    like everyone has said so far....ride like your in a warzone and every car on the street is out to kill you. im 18 and just started riding street on my drz400....it definitly is very dangerous and one second of zoning out can kill you. in retrospect, riding a dirtbike on the street legally is amazingly fun and although the extreme danger is present, its worth it to me. other than always being alert/checking mirrors/looking over shoulder before lane changes/riding quicker than the flow of traffic,etc i would really consider getting a good leather street jacket, some good gloves and even some nice kevlar padded riding pants. when im on my drz i wear a motogp sportbike jacket, full face, leather gloves with knuckle protection and jeans/boots at the least....although you can still easily get torn up from a crash;it gives you alittle more peace of mind knowing you have a better chance of making it out alive. be safe and have fun....nothing like riding down main street on a piped dirtbike while all of the harley and sportbike guys look at you in confusion.
  8. ny400ex

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    yes these were taken today feb14 ....below freezing wont stop me from riding
  9. ny400ex


    its worth it bro, i found a full yosh rs3 for 300 bucks, got the jd jet kit, did the 3x3 and now i can honestly say its a fun bike...definitly would do it again
  10. 02 dakota 4.7 v8 interior: -kenwood kdc-635 deck w/ ipod connection -2 m.a. audio 800w 12s in a homeade ported box to specs for bass -2 100w powerhorns for vocals(bet youve never seen that huh....wouldnt doubt i got the loudest vocals on this site) -m.a. audio 1,000w amp for subs -svl 200w high pass filter amp for vocals -rockford 4g wiring kit w/ distribution block -long range remote start/alarm/keypad -soon:blue l.e.d. to replace all interior lighting exterior: -16in pro comp rock crawlers -cranked t-bars -bug sheild/rain guards -side steps(painted them black just need to reinstall) -color matched fender flares -20% tint all around/blacked out in between front/side -clear corners -xenon bulbs in hi/lo and fogs -fully debadged not a sticker or emblem anywhere other than hood -smoked tail lights -smoked 3rd brake light -sliding rear window on the way-smoked headlight covers to finish off the blacked out look i got it up for sale but i really want to trade it for an suv...trailblazer/durango/explorer..the extra seating room would be nice. and these lil guys are why you can hear me coming wayyyy before you see me. i need to upgrade to bigger subs, the vocals overpower the 2 12s...what can i say;im young, stubborn, and like my music loud:busted:
  11. ny400ex

    pavement endo's on an S

    LOL thanks a ton for the replies.....i think ill keep the rear wheel on the ground for now unless i get some street tires. i tried a few today and didnt like the whole front tire sliding out deal....id be pretty pissed if i dumped it doing a stupid stoppie. oh well:bonk:
  12. ny400ex

    pavement endo's on an S

    possible? ive got my wheelies down to where im satisfied but have been wanting to start working on stoppies.....nothing crazy but would like to be able to get a little rolling endo up to a stop sign..you know to impress the ladies(joking!) before i start practicing i felt i should ask if there is anyone out there on an S with knobbies that can do them. never gonna learn without a ton of practice but if i could get a few tips that would be awsome. im running a k270 front tire.. thanks!
  13. ny400ex

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    thanks man...although it took awhile getting used to, i feel pretty comfortable on it now. it was the first dirtbike ive owned coming over from a trx450r race quad. definitly not as fun riding offroad as the quad was but being street legal makes up for it times 10:worthy:
  14. ny400ex

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    yosh full,3x3,jd kit now i love it:applause: would love to get the wheels and hubs anodized/painted but im going to save the money for insurance etc.etc. sure is an awsome bike for an 18yr. old....i think im much happier with it than i would be on a 600 sportbike.