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  1. Yep. Great customer support.
  2. Thanks for the replies. Ordered the M5B.
  3. If you need a new head, check out big bore thumpers. You can get a complete oem head(new) with ss valves and springs for about $600, ready to bolt on. Do the cam chain at the same time. Whether you do the work or not, get the manual.
  4. Thanks for posting those, interesting. We have different terrain here, that's for sure. Sugar sand is what you have to be prepared for; no matter what, you'll run into it sooner or later. Florida is mostly flat, although most of our riding areas seem to be old phosphate mines, so always some elevation changes. Also we're now in the rainy season, so mud as well. I was running Scorpions 'till my friend suggested the other combo, which definitely work better. He also said something I found interesting and true; the thinner profile rear turns better. My 450 specs a 110! I always thought wider the better, but was happily surprised going from the 120 to the 110.
  5. When I asked a friend who races harescrambles here locally what tires he/they run, he suggested the Michelin S12S front, Dunlop MX3S rear. I put them on my Honda and love them. I want the same for this bike, but was worried about the smaller diameter. I see that IRC makes a 140/80/18 sand tire. Any thoughts?
  6. I want to replace the stock d.o.t. tire on my XT. I want the Dunlop MX3S, but the largest size is 120/90/18. Stock tire/o/m. spec. is 140/80/18. Anyone swap out their rear tire's with a narrower one? What's your impression?T.I.A.
  7. I got the Kouba Link for my wife's Beta. It's an excellent product. I love the grease fitting on it. Very well made.
  8. Nice. If that's it in the background, it's a special addition(black, with the fancy graphics) .
  9. My wife is loving her XT(so am I). Great bike. She's definitely a beginner, and has no problem with it. It has an adjustable powervalve which makes it very tunable. Not many bikes out there that are fun for a true novice, and a more experienced rider. She's 52, 5'4".
  10. Agree with this. I think it would cost a bunch to lower/tame a RR to a lowered XT. We had to lower the XT an additional 2" for the little lady, and could go another 1", easy. I just did the K-9 fork upgrade, along with the Fox shock, and the bike is vastly improved. If the bike was just for me, sure, I would have got the RR. But now this bike is fun for both of us.
  11. The adjustable power valve on the KTM/Husky is a nice feature. Makes it mild to wild.
  12. I'm running 13/50. Seems good everywhere. Still goes pretty good on top.
  13. Not sure. Looking at the invoice, says xtrainer fork spring .82kg. Sorry I don't have more technical answers, just know it's vastly improved.
  14. I had the dealer do the install/set up, so not sure what the settings are at. I was so excited to get the bike, I forgot to ask what he did.
  15. I just got back from a 2.5 hr. session with K9 kit, and Fox Shock upgrade. Take my evaluation with a grain of salt, as I'm no pro. In a word; Awesome! That was one of the most fun rides I've had in quite awhile. The only thing I have to compare it to is my '07 Honda 450R, set up for woods. It's got Factory Conection valved suspension, and is very dialed in. The XT was SO much fun. I almost looped it twice. First time for that in a coon's age. It's hard to describe what's so different, just everything in general. It is confidence inspiring. I was hitting corners faster, small jumps were very predictable. I had it up to 49 mph on the one trail long enough to do so, and, although not any where near as comfortable at speed as my Honda( I've done 70 on the same trail), it was sweet, no bad manners. Bottom line; money well spent. Hope this was worth something.