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  1. Yes, the center to center #. I heard it was 32mm, just trying to confirm. And you're right, hard to find! From a '12 YZ125, to a '17 Beta XT.
  2. I tried a search but got nothing. Could someone tell me what it is. I'm doing a fork swap. Thanks for your help.
  3. Thanks. The radiators and super cooler w.p. came on the bike and so far I haven't had a boil-over even in the Florida summer heat. I should say this isn't the best tight, single track bike. For that I have a '17 Beta XT. I just saw your last post and this bike would definitely be a lot of fun in those scenario's. Tighter stuff, as stated above, a 2t 250-300 is the weapon of choice. I have both so best of both worlds. Good luck.
  4. I have a '07 450R turned woods bike, and it's an expensive proposition to do. How much was done to the one you're looking at? Mine is an awesome woods bike, but took a couple years to get there and lots of cash. It should have; gear change(13/50ish), oversized radiators and or Super Cooler water pump, oversized gas tank, armored up, +130z. flywheel and or Rekluse. Suspension set up for woods. Kick stand is nice, as well as a stabilizer. Mine has everything mentioned. People knock doing this, but if that's the bike you have, well.. Having said that, I love the bike.
  5. motocross

    Interesting tread pattern.
  6. Cool, thanks. Is there a "best year" for what I'm doing, fork wise? Also, your Beta CC kit comment; are you saying better way to go than the KYB?
  7. That's the kind of info I need, thanks.
  8. Tried a search first, and nothing so.. I've had my '17 long enough now that I'm getting the itch to upgrade. Not going to trade up, I love the package as is except the forks. Got the Fox shock, so that's good to go. By now I figure(hope) there's a definitive, go-to method, so if the experts wouldn't mind pointing me in the right direction, I can start to collect pieces. I'd appreciate any help/ advice.
  9. To bad money's an issue, having both is a great choice. Good luck.
  10. Love it. And no, can't bump-start. It's the Core EXP 3.0. I think you can make it work with a hydro clutch.
  11. The Limited Edition, nice bike, good story. I have a similar story, just with an '07.
  12. Isn't this also the area not to use carb cleaner?
  13. The bike in the pic? That my friend is the Elsinore, the bike that changed the dirt bike world. I'm slightly biased, I had a '73 CR250M. The one in the pick looks like a '75, except for the down pipe.
  14. Bring back the Elsinore!
  15. I run one, and as far as I know, the Twin-Air foam filter is the only one available.