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  1. I've got the Suomy Jump helmet which is very similar to the Aviator according to a comparison. Anyway, they recommend going up a size, but that you can get different internals to custom fit. Maybe it's the same with the Aviator. Great helmets, hope you work it out.
  2. Both these plus the Sidi cf2's. All can be had on sale in your price range. The Sidi's you can get lug soles for if that's what your after.
  3. I would agree with that. I know a lot of the hare scramble guys have them on their 2t's. Should have stated I'm not a racer.
  4. That last statement I think is the heart of it. 450 MX to woods bike= gold, 250/300 XC bike is a waste. I love my 450R in the woods now, but wouldn't dream of one on my 300XT. Bottom line is to each there own, and what ever it takes to make your ride fun.
  5. I ride every other week, this is the off week. But I get your point.
  6. I was hoping you'd respond; LOVE your avatar.
  7. Is DAMM real? (Drunks Against Mad Mothers)
  8. There's 1 for sale locally, and I've always loved this bike. My first bike was a Penton 126 Six Days, so always a fan of KTM. Guy wants $1900.
  9. The 500. You already know what to expect, plus the motor alone is valuable, isn't it?
  10. I thought the kick start was out of the oil bath as it sits so high up. Not trying to start anything, just curious if I'm wrong, as the oil level check hole is well below the starter.
  11. Thanks, this is the kick-start assembly, so no oil bath. Also an '07 if that means anything. Is it worth using? I don't mind buying it if so.
  12. I'm seeing this repeatedly in my assembly instructions. Is there benefits to using it as opposed to engine oil? Sorry, if it's a lame question, but I'm a fledgling mechanic at best.
  13. I've got the same. Light weight(1140grms+/-), superior venting. Necessary for Florida summers, and bulged discs.
  14. Sorry. Yes, it's the internal unit. I've got the service manual which doesn't show a clear pi. I was planning on copying the assembly, just curious as to the terminology. Thanks for the reply.
  15. I'm about to replace the kicker assembly on my '07R. I came across a description I'd not heard of; "place the chamfered edge facing the trust road side". What the f..k is the trust road side. My guess is away from the motor. Pardon my ignorance. While I'm here, is the oil pump gear plastic, and is there a reason to replace, other than the obvious. TIA.