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  1. Where'd you get that aluminum hot start? That looks pretty slick.
  2. Lucky you. The closest place to ride here is 1-1 1/2 hrs. each way. that's $40-$60 in gas, just for my truck. I go every other week, so, yea, lots of time to clean.
  3. I hose it off the day of the ride, then do a serious cleaning the next day; spray with Shout, hand wash, diesel clean the chain, blow dry with compressed air. As stated above, great chance to do a first hand inspection.
  4. I'm about the same size as you. I bought the XT for my wife. I'll say this; the bike is ridiculously easy to ride. It's on the short side for our height, but just a ton of fun and an awesome play bike. I emphasize play. My bike is a woods set up 450R, and I've been riding hers the last 2 months! If I was buying it for myself, probably I would have gone with the RR. Having ridden the XT now, well that becomes a harder choice. If you're going to do any kind of hare scramble type riding, get the RR. For flat out fun, get the XT.
  5. If you deliver, I'll buy it. The weather is pretty nice in Sarasota right now. Just sayin'....... Also have some epic home brew...........
  6. Your bike came with a 130 M5B stock? I put the M5b on the rear as well, but the stock size was 140. Love the tire, just curious.
  7. Man, I would find a way to hold onto it. They are considered one of the best ever.
  8. I have a neck issue as well(2 bulged discs), and you are spot on about even minimal weight differences. The Suomy is the one of, if not the lightest helmet available(2 1/2lbs). It was compared side by side with the Aviator. The 2 are very similar, both made in Italy, seemingly with some of the same parts. The biggest difference was the price. In some cases half.
  9. Order the Suomy off EBay, you won't have any issues, or be disappointed. I just got the MX Jump and love it . At $311, not a bad deal.
  10. I use the Rotella with good results. T-6(synthetic) motor side, T-4(non-syn.) clutch as per Rekluse. Great bike.
  11. Just realized that pic didn't show the new pegs and brake tip. Also,check out that IRC M5B!
  12. Here's what the girl looks like these days;
  13. We have banana spiders here, which get pretty big. One time my buddy stopped and was messing with his helmet. I look and see one the size of my hand crawling across his face. Supposed to only be like a bee sting, but I still don't like them.
  14. They don't like to sit and idle. A minute at most, then ride.