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  1. For what it's worth, I felt the same way about my 450('07 CRF) when I first got it. Just treat it with ALOT of respect, you'll be fine. The Rekluse will help, so will a G2 Throttle Tamer. After 4 yrs. with the bike, I absolutely love it. Total woods weapon. You'll really dig being able to idle up to a hill in 3rd., and just power up.
  2. I'm running that size with the M5b Evo, and love it. Tire sizes are different, though, for each brand. The M5B is only a 1/4" wider than the Dunlop MX3S 110 on my Honda.
  3. I just got a pair of the Fuse Air Lite pants, and they are well made and are their hot weather pants, so well vented. I also bought the Troy Lee, and Moose. The Moose was disappointing. Not the same quality as 2 years ago. The Thor and Troy Lee's were much better, with the Troy's being the best.
  4. That's the experience bag. I've got one.
  5. R.I.P., Bruce. That movie is responsible for inspiring a lot of riders. I don't think the new gen. appreciates that era. By the time that movie came out we were on go-carts and mini-bikes. Then, we became "MXer's". Malcom Smith, Roger DeCoster, Steve McQueen.........Now I got to watch the movie.
  6. If you can, take the bike to a large field, don't try learning on the street. Anyway, walk the field so you know what to expect, then just take it slow. Practice starts and stops, cut smaller and smaller figure 8's. It' going to be a lot different than a quad. When you're starting to feel like you're getting it, roll on the power so you can really feel the power band, that's the danger zone(also the smile maker). Once you can predict the hit, you're good to go. Gear-up, be careful, go over the bike first, make sure everything is tight.
  7. I have an '07 and love it, have a '17 XT300 for the wife. If you can swing it, keep the '08, and pick up the 2T. I love being able to ride both. As you know, our 450's are considered Honda's best, at least until recently. Maybe just buy a used smoker if money is tight.
  8. Troy Lee is t.o.l.,I.m.h.o.
  9. I believe that's been the standard dream of every dirt biker from the beginning.
  10. No. But cold in Fl. is a relative term.(It's ONLY going to be 75 today)
  11. The Jump is an excellent alternative, lighter, also Italian, cheaper. Going through EBay for what ever helmet might be the way to go. You'll be protected with their guarantee.
  12. I'll take it. It's worth a fortune.
  13. Better start looking at 300's. Whole new ball game there......
  14. Interesting about the gear oil; I found it takes about 950ml before oil seeps out of the oil level hole, so that's what I've been putting in (XT). Shifts fine.
  15. I just switched to sand tires on both my bikes. We ride a variety of terrain, but sand and mud is what we need to prepare for as it seems it's always in a turn. I'm running Michelin S12S's up front on both, a Dunlop MX3S on my Honda, a IRC M5B Evo on my Beta. The M5B seems to be wearing better(slightly). Both combo's are awesome in sand/mud. I would rather replace often than not have the control. Like stated above, got to compromise, or go with 2 sets.