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  1. drumiv

    Orv sticker

    Been doing it for years. I use the same sticker for different bikes. Packing tape(the wide stuff, for shipping boxes) is designed to withstand transportation, water, wind, ect.
  2. drumiv

    Orv sticker

    Just use clear packing tape, the wide stuff. You should be able to peel the sticker off w/o heat.
  3. drumiv

    Best fuel filter?

    Thanks for the replies. Lately I've been getting crap in my carb. I've clean the tank, ect., so was going to try an in-line. Good info, thanks again.
  4. drumiv

    Rekluse thread #243

    What's the bike? Big 4t's benefit the most, woods riding. I have the same clutch in a 12yr old bike (450R), set to engage at idle; it pulls in gear with clutch out, but you can hold it back. It feels like a normal clutch, can be over-ridden and used as a normal clutch. 1.5 turns in is my sweet spot.
  5. Is there such a thing? Talking in-line filter. I did a search and although I didn't read them all, didn't see a definitive answer. Is there a go-to filter. Price wouldn't be a concern, as small as they are. The bike is a '07 450R if that makes a difference. TIA.
  6. drumiv

    Beta Xtrainer assembly things to look for?

    Mine did it the one time, hasn't since. I think it was just some crud caught in there.
  7. drumiv

    Riding in the NW: Watch out for that Cougar!

    Yep. The last time I went golfing, I hit onto the beach area of a water hazard. There was what I thought was a log laying on the beach. Made my shot, turned to climb out and the log moved; 8'er. I then started noticing all the balls that had been left within easy reach. Later found out "nobody goes near the water hazard's". Brings a whole new meaning to the term.
  8. drumiv

    Riding in the NW: Watch out for that Cougar!

    There's a cat, or cats that I keep seeing on the same part of the trail. A little unnerving, as the speed is around 50+ at that point. Last ride it was deer. 1 jumped completely across the trail in front of me. Seen some big pigs, lots of snakes. I haven't seen it yet, but the gal at the gate says there's a pretty big gator that's been spotted several times. Definitely want to stay on the trail.
  9. drumiv

    Cleaning a Bike

    Yep, Shout. Easy on aluminum, and once you have used it a few times, it seems to clean better and better. And of coarse is great on all your gear(think white boots).
  10. drumiv

    Beta Xtrainer assembly things to look for?

    Funny you say that; mine started pouring gas out yesterday. It's got 40 hrs on it, and never did it before. Pretty sure I did the float level check when I first got it('17).
  11. drumiv

    Beta Xtrainer assembly things to look for?

    Check the chain tension. Beta's spec for that is way to tight. Mine was to tight and the c.s. seal failed. It should be about 1 3/8", they spec 7/8".
  12. drumiv

    Speedo sensor mount for KYB conversion

    Yes, '12's, so I got the SSS's. Boano clamps get you within 1/2 of a degree of stock. And no room on the 106 for the pick-up.
  13. drumiv

    Speedo sensor mount for KYB conversion

    You're using the Braking 106 bracket?
  14. drumiv

    Speedo sensor mount for KYB conversion

    I didn't want to bug you, but was hoping for you to comment! I had a feeling that something like that would be the answer. Time to find a welder. Please keep us(me) informed.
  15. Has anyone got a solution for mounting the sensor on bikes with the KYB conversion using the Braking bracket? I just taped mine out of the way, but would love a sanitary way to do it permanent.