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  1. glasseye

    Going back and forth between bike choices

    Gasgas EC300. It'll walk away from the 450's in the open stretches and run away in the tight stuff. Won't tire you out nearly as fast or drian your wallet (and time) in maintainence. Never ridden a KTM300, but have a gut feeling it is not up to par with the gasser.
  2. glasseye

    4-stroke maintenance!!!!

    I owned 1 of the new 4t's (blue). It reminded me of the 1970's snowmobiles.... 1 hour riding for every 2 hours working on it. Not to mention the fact that I could have bought another smoker for the $$ I put into maintaining it for 2 years.
  3. glasseye

    Anyone race a 125 in harescrambles?

    A 16 year old friend raced a CR125 and won most of the races. The next year he got a new KTM200 and didn't win any. 125's do just fine in the hare scrambles in the 200 class.
  4. glasseye

    This is Ridiculous

    OK, so I got a black coworker (he holds a Director position) and showed him the video. First thing he said is " I wonder where thos Ni****s stole those!" Is he racist too?
  5. glasseye

    leaky petcock

    Don't know about yours, but the petcocks I have taken apart had an oring inside that wears out. Take it apart and see if you can find the correct o-ring at the local hardware store.
  6. glasseye

    Right Size Bike For The Kid???

    I agree, the 200 is worth taking a look at. I have ridden a friends 200 and it seemed to have plenty of low end for it's size.
  7. glasseye

    First anti-ORV legislation of the year

    Well in Minnesota, we used to have to afix plates that had our DNR sticker and number on them. After years of complaining about lost plates, needing duplicate stickers, and the fact that there is no good place to mount a plate on an offroad bike, the DNR finally changed it so we only need to affix the small stickers to the side of the bike, such as on the fork tubes. These things go in circles, your guys are attempting to take it a step backwards.
  8. I feel really bad for you, that is always a terrible thing to discover. I say that if the hole is still small enough, you may be able to fix it yourself.
  9. glasseye

    How does this look???

    How's the compression? If low, then rebuild. Spec out the cylinder while you are at it to see if it needs a re-plate.
  10. glasseye

    82 KX250 whats it worth?

    I'm pretty sure they only made the IT425 in 1980. Anyway, I bought one 5 years ago for $250 plus put another $450 into it for bearings, fluids, and tires. And I found a complete spare engine for $75. In general, you can expect that these older bikes will need all new wheel, linkage, and steering stem bearings. If the forks and shocks are still in working order a fluid change is all they need.
  11. That'ld be "DNR" registration (damn dislexia).
  12. DRN registration and a pack of smokes.
  13. glasseye

    Chain Lube?

    I use only WD40 on my sealed chains and they last way longer than lube. WD is NOT a lube. And actually, why would you want to lube the outside of the rollers? That will make spin on the sprocket and wear faster, especially when the lube has attracted dirt. Think about it - if they was absolutly no slippage of the roller/sprocket, there is no friction and therfore no surface wear. WD is only to displace water and protect the surface from oxidation. I really don't care what others use, us old timers with years and many hours/miles of experience are just trying to help you save money and time.
  14. glasseye

    NUN - GIANT puffball pics... just for you!

    With otyher types of mushrooms, I sautee them and then freeze them. Be sure to leave an ample amount of juice so that you have some to simmer off when you want to eat the. I'm quite sure this will work for puffballs too.