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    supermoto shenanigans.
  1. Smashey

    Motoz Tire Thread

    I've been loving my motoz IT tires I had the desert IT before and its an improvement on all terrain besides maybe wet rocks/roots and wears better on road, and 10× better in muskeg lol. Also love the front
  2. Smashey

    2013 KTM 500 EXC Wheel Balance

    Also I got free shipping which would have ended up the same price then. Being in Canada and all...
  3. Smashey

    2013 KTM 500 EXC Wheel Balance

    Still cheaper than the shops around here I spent 20$ on 3 steel weights that, yes 1 I pried too get the opening wider, then pounded that one on with a hammer. Unfortunately no one knows that perhaps balancing a wheel in general is a thing, no shops do it apparently, and I didn't know there was different sizes, neither did the shops I went too looking for weights.
  4. Smashey

    2013 KTM 500 EXC Wheel Balance

    I pounded on a one ounce weight on the front wheel, it helped but it was such a pain in the ass, not too mention probably ruined the spoke nipple. So I just ordered this package of spoke weights, it's the best deal on eBay for any as far as amount of ounces delivered. Link if any one is interested, http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=250957911659
  5. Get highway dirtbike gaurds with mirrors, it's worth the price, if you want mirrors that actually work. P.s I had an error trying to watch the video on my iPhone. May just be my phone as it sucks donkey..
  6. Smashey

    Motoz Tire Thread

    I don't know about the 270 but I had a Shinko 244 that was aweful...
  7. Smashey

    Motoz Tire Thread

    I havnt been able to ride the enduro I/T tires yet but I can say I used the track master 2 tires on my wr250, And I really liked them. The only thing I noticed is they wore really quickly on road. I'm trying the motoz as the 500 is powerful and figured it would eat the tires even quicker.
  8. Smashey

    Motoz Tire Thread

    Well got the rear mounted, it wasn't too bad to seat, was troublesome to spoon on though. And I pinched the tube in the front like I thought. Boo I have time but I didn't want to deal with doing it again.
  9. Smashey

    Early Spring Enduro Edit From Canada

    Well it's all about you enjoying it though. I think a camera at a similar angle, but stationary would be awesome without you holding it.
  10. Smashey

    Motoz Tire Thread

    Well I'm no pro with tire changes. It's the third time for me and it seems like I have to relearn it each time as I do it the hard way lol. Got the enduro I/t front on this evening. Hope I didn't punch a tube.
  11. Smashey

    Getting my bike ready for the season

    You should skip the maintenance and just add an electric supercharger, that should make up for the slacking second cylinder.
  12. Smashey

    KTM Gazeebo? Why so expensive?

    But on the next page it's still 1130euros That's nuts... For 3mx3m Walmart still wins. Lol Or a quality white canvas tent and a custom ktm logo would be cheaper
  13. Smashey

    Motoz Tire Thread

    Since no one has takin into their own hands... To: Rick Atkinson Subject: Mountain hybrid There is a lot of talk on forums about this tire. There is no question that it works marvellously. To the point that everyone wants to know if it'll be coming in a 19" rim size/when. If you could give some insight a lot of people would be pleased. Thanks. -Matt Hi Matt, Tooling for the 19" starts in 2 weeks. Will be available in 4-5 months (+/-) - this is an indication - it may be a bit longer. Best Regards Rick Atkinson Motoz Pty Ltd www.motoz.
  14. Smashey

    Motoz Tire Thread

    Nice to hear the good input Tony. Did you ever ride on the street with these? or ever get any pinch flats at 8 psi?
  15. Smashey

    Front Brake switch?

    i just referenced a different site but im sure its the same diagram you seen. http://www.ktmpartspitstop.com/oemparts/a/ktm/524b9bfcf8700231ac49a7b7/hand-brake-cylinder #24 as well for reference that the front brake master cylinder. and yes the switch is tiny attached to the wire. you dont have to take off the handle, the switch is held in place by 2 little studs just pull/pry it gently. you want to take yours off and see if the switch is just stick in from crud, if its not follow the wire to the plug, and with the bike on, bridge the connection with a screwdriver/any piece of metal, while it is bridged it should light the rear break. if it doesnt you can count on a problem closer to the light, which isnt too likely but could be a broken wire or cold/broken solder joint at the light itself.