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  1. wably

    XR400R Mikuni pumper carb HS40 vs. TS36?

    TM 36 is the correct mikuni for the XR400. XR's Only has them in stock.
  2. wably

    Weekday Riders Wanted - PNW

    Retired guy looking for weekday rider(s) for the Rogers/Browns Camp or Upper Nestucca riding areas. I'm 52, slow, a bit chunky and ride like someone who is much older. Live in the Salem area and can provide transportation (truck and enclosed trailer) if you need a ride! Rob Wably@msn.com
  3. Where in Oregon? Desert, mountains, dunes. We have it all.
  4. wably

    Need info on 97 XR400 stock spring rates

    The stock rear shock is 9.5kg. I
  5. wably

    Will any year CR tank fit a XR400?

    Do you really believe that?
  6. Does any one know if there is a year of CR fuel tank that will bolt up or with minor mods can be bolted to my XR400?
  7. wably

    Honda crf250r motor

    Compare part numbers i.e.frame and cases. Honda builds on a 5 year plan. 04 and 06 may be inter-changable.
  8. wably

    LED headlight -- any users?

    I also have been looking to upgrade my headlight only to fing out that the stock Stator doee not produce enough energy to power much more than the stock system. You can get either a stock TRX 400ex Stator and regulator/rectifier or have someone rewind your stock stator and add and after market regulator/rectifier. Good Luck! Rob
  9. look me up when you get out here. I'll show you around.
  10. Where in the PNW? I live in Salem. Dunes are between 1.5 & 2.5 hrs away, Desert 2 hrs away and Tight woods with fast fire roads are 30 minutes to an hour away. Other than the rain for 8 months of the year (a.k.a. Rain Forest) I'd say is near perfect other than I dont raide as much as I'd like! Rob or ride!
  11. wably

    A big favor.....dimensions please !

    I have a complete stock 2004 XR400 exhaust system laying around in my garage. I would gladly give you the parts if you pay for shipping. Call me. Rob 503-508-6656
  12. wably

    Xr400 disc guard

    I'm pretty sure Devol still makes a guard for you bike.
  13. If I build it would you come? I'm considering building a Honda XR400 with Electric Start, Modern Upside down Forks, Rear Shock & Linkage etc. If I build one I can build more! Is there interest in such a bike. Is your current bike tired? $8-9k for a new bike. Why not $5-6k and your old bike is turned into a new zoot just like in the magazines! Let me know if you are interested. I'm located in Salem Oregon. Rob Karnes wably@msn.com
  14. 2004 XR400 Eibach Springs Front & Rear Mikuni TM 36-68 Carburator FMF PowerBomb Header DG Muffler w/Quietcore Stage 1 Cam Rox Risers Cr Hi-Bend Steel Bars Trail Tech Voyager Folding Levers SGC Tall Seat (Too Hard!) Skark Fin Rear Disc Guard Dunlop AT81 Tires Tusk Clutch Kit W/Barrnett Springs Rocky Mountain ATV/MC X-Ring Chain & Sprockets Stock Bore Top End New Bearings, Seals, Grease, Brake Fluid & Pads, Shock Fluid & Seals, Fork Fluid. Can't decise on what to do... All new plastic or urban assault/black it out? Ideas are welcome...
  15. wably

    Mix-match XR4 Build

    Rollins, Other than minor changes from year to year 1999-2004 are virtually interchangeable. I am doing something similar with an 04 XR4 i bought. Read all you can in these pages as it has helped me immensely. keep the good motor and cure the top end woes. A fresh bore/cylinder and fresh valve guides and your smoker will become new again barring hiden issues. If I was going to start over, I would get a TRX400EX motor, that does not have reverse and I would either mount it or strip all of the electric start goodies off and mount them to my XR motor. You will need the Crank out of the EX motor that is way I would use the whole motor and electrical system. Not only will you have a trick XR4, but it will be electric start also. The XR4 motor can be modified, but its a complete rebuild. have fun!