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  1. Another vote for Kreft. I had him do mine, and he did a great job. I was in for about $1500, but that was both ends done plus the optional (expensive) huck valve. I was torn between Kreft and SW too, but Kreft gets pretty much 100% praise from the folks that use him for 4CS forks, where SW gets very mixed reviews. I wanted it done right the first time, and I was not disappointed.
  2. jeb

    xcw ac or dc?

    It would have only put out AC from the factory. And it should only have a regulator, not a reg/rec, at least according on the online parts listings. 08 was the first year where they came with both AC and DC from the factory, so they could charge the battery, which takes DC voltage.
  3. jeb

    Two gaskets for 2001 ktm250exc top end?

    Yes, it's okay to torque them twice. But you don't need to grease the gaskets.
  4. jeb

    ktm250exc 2001 Power valve assembly question

    Yep, as long as they're all fully opened and closed at the same, the timing is right.
  5. jeb

    ktm250exc 2001 Power valve assembly question

    Hard to tell on the PV pictures since I can't see the dots. But the last picture looks to be off one tooth. If you clean those little gear segments up real good and look at them closely, you'll see some faint dots, or punch marks. Ignore that deep one in the middle. One segment will have one punch mark, it's mate will have 2. Set the 1 punch mark between the 2 on the other gear.
  6. jeb

    Two gaskets for 2001 ktm250exc top end?

    There are actually several different thickness gaskets for that. You're suppose to put the cyl on and torque and then check to see which gasket lets the piston be as close to even with the top of the cyl without going over. That's called setting the X dimension. But chances are, whatever was in there for thickness will work, assuming it's an OEM piston.
  7. jeb

    I have 2013 300 xcw battery does not charge

    If the battery is on a charger, unplug it and let it "rest" a few hours. Then put a meter on the battery, set on DC. Note the voltage with the bike off and then fire it up. The voltage should rise at least a little. If it is not charging, check for bad/loose grounds or other connections first.
  8. jeb

    04 KTM 250 exc?

    Agree, no FWW needed on this one. Or pretty much any XCW/EXC KTM 2 stroke, for that matter.
  9. jeb

    New 2014 KTM 250 XC

    No, they still had the 2 chamber forks. Even the Six Days version of the 14 4CS fork is good, although the orings can still be an issue. It's only the 14 XC version of that fork that most folks hate out of the box.
  10. jeb

    04 KTM 250 exc?

    Great tight woods bike. I won a lot of races on mine. But it will feel down on power big time compared to a YZ450! The only thing I'd say you'd NEED to do is make sure the notorious 3rd bushing in the forks (04 and 05 thing only) has been fixed (removed or reversed).
  11. jeb

    KTM fixed inner clutch cover gasket ?

    It is the '15 models that are the first to get the updated gasket from KTM. The Cometic gasket that many sell is a great alternative too.
  12. jeb

    Spark arrestor silenser

    FMF Turbine Core II is a good choice. Will pass sound test easily, and has the UFSF Approved Spark Arrestor stamped into it.
  13. I have the TT stator and reg/rec in my 14 Six Days, and I've had it other of my two strokes as well. Has always worked well. You hook up the two yellow leads from the stator to the two yellow leads of the reg/rec and then plug the plug from the stator into the plug from the reg/rec. Then the red and black from the reg/rec go up to the battery. The only "trick" is that you then have to wire all your lights, etc to run off the battery. So you have to change a little of the wiring in the loom, at least on the W models. Here's a chart that compares the output of the floated OEM coil vs the TT stator. They say most folks spend most of their time riding at about 3-4k RPM.
  14. jeb

    first ktm 2 smoker...couple of questions

    Even 120 is WAY low. I'd move the topend job up on the list of things to do soon, personally. Probably the float needle needs replacing. They are kind of pricey, but I had a similar issue with one of my KTM's, and the needle was the fix. The Enduro Engineering seats for that vintage bike were very cushy, almost too much so. I prefer the Guts Racing foam and cover. Congrats on the new bike! Hope it works out great for you.
  15. jeb

    1st gear oil change

    The 125-200's do still have alum clutch plates, so they dirty up the oil faster. A lot of us change those out for all steel plates. That keeps the oil cleaner, they last longer and give a little more flywheel effect. I would NOT worry about that small difference in viscosity. The lower number is only for when the oil is cold, which is not long usually.