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  1. Serpexc

    Moto Doc Boot Camps

    Yes! I've been taking my boys to Dr. Mark's camps for the last few years now. They have learned a ton. The classes are fun, you get lots of seat time and the kids have a blast. They actually prefer to do Mark's clinics over almost anything else. Here's a short video from last year. My son in it for a few seconds at 2:25 http://www.youtube.c...bed/GUFzk83gNlw
  2. Serpexc

    Kendall Norman 2012!!!

    If memory serves, Kawasaki OWNED Baja. Honda just inherited it when Kawasaki pulled out. Just sayin'
  3. Serpexc

    Do NOT buy a KTM 350SX-F

    I am currently riding a 2011 350SXF with over 100 hours on the hour meter. I ride the bike in gnarly off road conditions and I do so alot. It also sees moto practice a couple times per month. I've had no problems to speak of. I don't run the inline fuel filter or the tank sock, I haven't siliconed the tps or even installed the available cover. I perform regular oil and air filter changes. I did replace the piston and rings at between 40 and 50 hours, while I was inside the motor for the bearing bulletin, but that was just to save having to do it later. The valve adjustment is still in spec. I've been riding KTMs since 2002 and this is by far the best bike I've ever owned, right out of the box. I like KTMs so much that, earlier this year, I bought a dealership. Our store has sold more than a dozen 350SXFs so far, along with some XCFs and "W"s. We have had NO problems, NO failures and only one issue with ONE 350, and it ended up being an issue that the owner caused by not getting his air filter seated properly. I have to say that in my experience, the 350SXF is just as good as every other KTM product in the line up.
  4. Serpexc

    best exhaust ktm 350 ?

    Does anyone have dyno runs for these pipes with the 94 db inserts installed? I've got an older FMF 4.1 muffler installed on my 350 now, with the spark arrestor/quiet insert installed so I'm offroad legal. I'm happy with the power, but it's too loud. Stock muffler seemed quieter, but it wasn't spark arrested.
  5. Serpexc

    Ever wonder what your powervalve setting does?

    What happened to the three spring shoot out?
  6. Serpexc

    Omega Neck Brace

    Can one of you guys post some pics of you wearing it? My problem with even the lowest neck rolls is standing and looking forward.
  7. Serpexc

    2002 DRZ400E Hanging idle issue.

    I cleaned the carb, removed the CE and jetted it to Burned's recommendations. Bike fired up and ran like a top. No weirdness, no hanging idle and no excessive heat. Bike runs like a top. Thanks for the help Eddie.
  8. Serpexc

    2002 DRZ400E Hanging idle issue.

    I'll pop the carb back on tonite and let you know how it works.
  9. Serpexc

    2002 DRZ400E Hanging idle issue.

    Flat end, LOL. That's a good description. Thanks.
  10. Serpexc

    2002 DRZ400E Hanging idle issue.

    I got the bike from a friend, so I don't know how long it's done this. He's oblivious. I ran a #78 jet drill thru the pilot to make sure it was good to go. I have another pilot to try that was run through with a #77. Basically makes it a 48. Obviously not perfect, but it works.
  11. Serpexc

    2002 DRZ400E Hanging idle issue.

    Needle position 5 from the top or bottom?
  12. Serpexc

    2002 DRZ400E Hanging idle issue.

    The plate was in the slide correctly, square edge down. Looks like it just sits in there and floats inside the slide? Needle is a OBDX P, clip in the middle position. I guess I'll go after the CE next, unless someone has a better idea. I'll verify the float level and clean out all the passages and jets while I'm in there again. I'm starting to hate this bike. No room to work. What's the ideal jetting for this bike with a stock pipe and all? Might as well set it up now.
  13. Serpexc

    2002 DRZ400E Hanging idle issue.

    I'll pull the slide and take a look, thanks Burned! How can you tell the direction it's supposed to be installed and why would someone remove it in the first place? If it's not the problem, any links on removing or disabling that coaster enrichener do-hickee? How about an exploded view on the carb?
  14. Serpexc

    2002 DRZ400E Hanging idle issue.

    Does the bike act like mine when that happens?
  15. Serpexc

    2002 DRZ400E Hanging idle issue.

    Not personally. Why? Now that you mention it, wasn't the a plate or something that someone could get in there wrong? I think some KTMs came that way a few years ago.