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  1. mnmbb01

    Budd's Creek Torrent?

    Thanks Guys, I'm seeding for a while.
  2. You did a good job on that bike, set up just like I like mine, S12 up front, MS3 in the back, for bleeders, oversized tank, etc....nice! Suspension worked over, the works. I think that the YZ250F is one of the best harescramble/Enduro machines out there, with the big bore, it might hold off the big bikes in the open as well. Nice job.
  3. mnmbb01

    anyone selling their bike?`

    I've got a 05' YZ250F for sale, its in great shape.
  4. mnmbb01

    What Chain should i buy?

    DID VM series X ring chain, without a doubt one of the longest wearing chains out there.
  5. mnmbb01

    Why should I buy SS valves?

    Thats cool, just checking, if I had 120 some hours on my stock valves as he does, stock might be a good choice as well.
  6. mnmbb01

    Why should I buy SS valves?

    Redbeard, why would you recomend he go to stainless, when you would choose titanium?
  7. mnmbb01

    Webcast problems?

    http://web.servicebureau.net/conf/meta?i=1112740923&c=10735&m=was&u=/w2.xsl new link
  8. mnmbb01

    Webcast problems?

    New link
  9. mnmbb01

    Webcast problems?

    He did 9 laps and bailed, dont know how or why.
  10. mnmbb01

    does any one have the high point torrent

    Somebody please seed
  11. mnmbb01

    does any one have the high point torrent

    you sound like a punk!
  12. I thought the guy with the camera was ridding way to nice, he was faster than the kid or he would not have been able to show him his wheel so many times. I felt he should have put his wheel right behind the kids foot peg and booted him off the track after the kid slammed the door a few times. I ride nice too but when someone slower wont let me buy, they usually end up off the track.
  13. mnmbb01

    SDG Seat will not fit??

    Yes, similar problem with my Yamaha SDG seat, bend the middle plastic part that anchors the seat to the sub frame out a little and press down in the middle as you slide it toward the tank. It will fit, just needs a little coaxing.
  14. mnmbb01

    Sealing airbox on '06 450

    I took apart my 03 and there was some black goo (silicone?) that was between the boot and the box. I'm assuming that the 03 and later get sealed from the factory.
  15. I would have taken him out so bad after he blocked me a few times. He would have become part of the track!!