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  1. sTTeve

    Xr 400 fuel tank.

    I have a white 1997 XR400 tank that i am willing to sell. It is a little scratched and dirty (it has been used of course) and includes the gascap, but no fuel tab, but no leaks. I am asking €50,00 (as i live in Europe), plus postage of course, so that will end up around € 90,00 / 100.00 USD. Let me know if you are interested.
  2. sTTeve

    94 xr 250 foot pegs

    Drop an email to Leo (via contactformulier) at the www.offroadcentrum.nl in Vaassen, Holland. He may be able to help you, he is a XR breaker
  3. sTTeve

    93 XR600 oil cooler questions

    Why don't you fit an XR400 cooler? Small and out of the way
  4. sTTeve

    XR250R vs XR280R vs XR400R vs XR440R

    Nice!!! Thanks!!
  5. sTTeve

    Traded up to a XR400, with some problems.

    Maybe the broken (now fixed) regulator caused the bulb to burn through? I'd first check that!
  6. sTTeve

    Honda XR250R & XR400R Pictures

    I had to disguise my Honda as a Yamaha to be able to ride XT/TT-club event. Nobody noticed....
  7. sTTeve

    Traded up to a XR400, with some problems.

    Hi Roy - i am from Holland as well. I had the same problem with the light, turned out to be a broken wire at the regulator, bought an XR600 one at a breaker in Vaassen. Easy fix, and soldered the old one recently to keep it as a spare. Re your oil issues, i think a top end job is needed to fix it permanently. You have the legal right to a warranty, no matter what the seller tells you. No wondering were did you find it? Cheers / Steve-Hilversum
  8. Just check the sparkplug for the right colour. But i know a lot of guys who run their XT's like that, no problem.
  9. These are my 2002 TT600R in front, and my friends Rob's 1992 XTZ660
  10. sTTeve

    XR650 V's TTR600.....??

    The Yamaha has less power (approx 40) weighs 153 kgs fully fueled up, and has no radiator/hoses to damage. Comes stock with Ohlins shocks and Piaoli forks. I have one with 26000 on the clock, (bought it with 17k), I ride mostly offroad , ridden it in for 2000 kms Tunesia, approx 1000 in Spain. Bullet proof, parts are everywhere (older XT600 engine). Since 2004 with lower seatheight and have have lower spec suspension, but an a electric-start I have ridden the XRR too, more grunt and almost same weight, i believe. Lots of aftermarket parts. Afteremarket e-start is possible. Altough i am a Yamaha-guy (never owned another brand), i believe the Honda is a better allround bike, mostly becasue of the extra ponies.
  11. sTTeve

    1986 Tt350

    Cracks lean the mixture, so it is possible it makes the bike difficult to start.
  12. sTTeve

    Lets See Your XT & TT Pics.

    Here is my 2002 TT600R Belgarda. An XT600 engine in a YZ chassis, comes stock with a Piaoli forks and Ohlins shock. I believe it is never sold in the US. I also have this 1991 TT350. Just got i a week ago, and it has been one of my favorite bikes since I had a XT350. I will repaint the frame it in the fall, and it will get some TLC The 600 will be used for holidays and multi-day trips, maybe Morocco next year. The 350 will be used for some enduro's (no change to be on the podium) and trailrides, stuff like that.
  13. sTTeve

    My 86 TT350

    I think the red tank can be bought, from Clarke http://www.justgastanks.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1_70_189&products_id=417
  14. sTTeve

    My 86 TT350

    Wow, great looking bike. I just this 1991 TT350 mine a week ago, bought it from a friends son who was looking for something with more ponies.
  15. sTTeve

    Doesnt anyone else have a TT-R 600 ?

    Hi I used send you an e-mail with partfiches, which might be helpfull. Steve