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  1. adamski

    New and need a little help! -DRZ400

    Nevermind about the throttle cables! Knuckles scuffed but she's out and it looks like the previous owner already did the 3x3 mod, jetting for altitude, and replace the regular screws on the bottom of the float bowl with the Alan screws. Let the cleaning begin
  2. adamski

    New and need a little help! -DRZ400

    Hey guys, need some help getting the throttle cables off of the E... Everything is off and she's ready to come out, but the throttle cables are unwilling. I don't want to rip off (ie break) the plastic case over the cam... Let me knoW your thoughts when you're able! Thanks!!
  3. adamski

    New and need a little help! -DRZ400

    Yep it's an "E". Would this gasket set be appropriately sized? http://www.motorcycle-superstore.com/10353/i/moose-racing-complete-gasket-set If not, where would one purchase the right sized gaskets? THANKS!!
  4. adamski

    New and need a little help! -DRZ400

    Thanks guys, much appreciated. The "carb rebuild kit" with the proper sized gaskets...? As well as a perhaps a brief explanation of removing the carb? THANKS!
  5. adamski

    Suzuki DR-Z400 (2000)


    Tons of fun! Easy to repair and modify. Learning by doing!
  6. adamski

    Suzuki DR-Z400 2000

    Tons of fun! Easy to repair and modify. Learning by doing!
  7. Hey gang, Relatively new to this world. Bought a 2001 DRZ 400 last spring and have absolutely loved having it. Live on the Front Range of the Rockies and it's way too much fun. Bought a set of "street" tires and wheels as to not wear down the nubbies as much. Again, way fun. I've had no mechanical issues to date and have changed the oil and keep a fairly tidy bike. However, need some help with a gas leak I'm experiencing. Looks like it's leaking from the gasket just above the float bowl. Don't think it's every been taken apart and wanted to know the best process / parts combo. Let me know what you guys think. For kicks and giggles I've attached some pictures from some adventures. Cheers! -Adam