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  1. pammy

    Looking to upgrade and need advice

    I'm about your height. I also like the CRF150R. You can do some many things to them to control the RPM band, etc. Its a great little bike. And you can get used ones for pretty cheap now.
  2. pammy

    2010 crf150r

    For short, old, weekend warrior folks like me the bike is a godsend! I love you honda! It was either a 150 or a 250R Jr for me and the 150r was lots cheaper....
  3. pammy

    CRF 150 R for a girl!

    The engine I'd leave alone, except maybe to jet it if it needs it. This is what I do to setup my suspension. I'd first make sure you have the right springs for your weight. Stock valving should be fine til you get into the swing of things. After that, go to the track for a test and tune session. Bring a flat head screw driver. Use the screw driver count how many total turns you have on your compression and rebound on your forks and on your rear shock. (I think the compression in the forks has clicks, but everything else is just turns, at least on mine.) Then set everything in the dead center, write down how many clicks and turns you're at, then take her for a spin. Focus on one component at a time. If its ultra springy, come in, grab the screw driver and turn it 4 clicks, or maybe a full turn towards hard (H). I take big steps at the beginning just so its blatently obvious to me what effect the changes I made had. Then go out and test it out again. If its too rigid or jaring, the turn it back 2 clicks, or 1/4 turn towards soft (S). I just keep working one component at a time until it feels good. I write down the number of turns or clicks I'm on each time I make changes and what effect the changes gave me. Hopefully that helps.
  4. pammy

    CRF 150 R for a girl!

    I'm 5'2''. I'd do the opposite...big wheel for the track, small for woods/desert. You don't have to touch the ground on the track except to kick start it after you bif. In the desert its a major pain in the arse not to be able to touch the ground. They say large wheels make it easier to get over obstacles, but my opinion is I'd rather be able to touch the ground and learn to loft my front end to get over stuff. There isn't that much real world difference in height between the two, not as much as I'd hoped anyway. I've looked into having two, a large wheel for track and a small wheel for desert. I barely tippy toe on my big wheel and tippy toe on the small wheel. Best mod ever?...I'd say suspension. Its the best bang for the buck. Pipes, bore kits, etc, don't do much until you can use the power the bike already has.
  5. pammy


    I wouldn't say they're more reliable than a big bike. A 150R is just a scaled down 250F. So the maintenance schedule is as rigorous as a 250F would be. I'd say as with any bike, if your son doesn't ride it hard, you won't have to maintain it as much, just regular oil changes and valve checks, etc. If your son rides it hard, it could potentially cost more than the 2-strokes to keep up on. Everyone has their own ideas for a maintenance schedule. Mine is to check the valves every 20 hrs or so. I change the oil and filter every 5 hrs-10hrs. And clean the air filter ever few rides. I've heard of kids burning thru clutches in one practice or blowing the motor up ever other race. But my bike has over 100hrs on the stock piston and rings.
  6. pammy

    pick up new 2008 150R

    He he...that's very cute!
  7. pammy

    CRF150R enduro conversion

    Hey Jubal, Have you been doing some AMRA events down here in AZ recently. If so, I think we've met several times. Very nice bike!
  8. pammy

    from a 2008 rm85 to a 2009 crf150rb

    It is about the same size as her 85. I'm 5'2'' and tip toe on the 150r big wheel. It doesn't have more power per say, but the power it has is easier to use so she would probably find it easier to ride. You can do a lot with the handle bar set up and foot peg location to make the bike's cock pit feel bigger and more comfortable for an adult on the 85 and the 150r. You can also adjust the height of both with lowering links and/or shaving the seat. There are a lot of good threads on here about both seat height adjustments and cockpit set up here. Just do a quick search.
  9. pammy

    CRF150RB vs. MOD112cc 2 Stroke Debate

    I second that... One of the guys here (can't remember who) did a dyno test on both a 150R and an 85. They were both in the lower 20's and the 85 one or two more horsepower than the 150R. It would stand to reason that a supermini would obliterate the 150R, riding skills being equal.
  10. pammy

    2011 crf150r???

    I believe I read somewhere that that was more due to overstocked inventory, people just can't buy stuff right now. So there's no sense in making more until the economy turns around. KTM is also stopped making several of their models due to overstocked inventory. They cut a ton of models for 2010.
  11. pammy

    My new 150R

    Looks good! I ride trail now too and I'd say add to that list a skid plate (try to cover your oil filter) and some radiator guards. Maybe eventually a rear brake guard.
  12. pammy

    Offroad Tool Bags for 150R

    Thanks G3, Thats where I have them now. I have 2 tubes, tire irons, tire pump, various tools and the 2nd fuel tank in there. It gives you some good shoulder muscles for sure! I'll check out that KDX bag. I might also be able to get the moose one to work. We're going to work on it today. I'll post some pics when I figure it out. Thanks again, Pammy
  13. pammy

    Offroad Tool Bags for 150R

    Does anyone have tool bags on their 150R? I have a front fender pack but its pretty small. I also bungy my fuel can to the back of the headlight already, so I'm probably looking at something for the rear fender. I want to get my tools and tubes out of my camelback. I have one of the http://www.mooseracing.com/catalog.jsp?level1=1757&product_group_id=7380'>Moose Rear Fender packs but it seems too large for the rear fender. I could probably rig something, but wanted to see what you guys have. Thanks, Pam
  14. pammy

    Shock tools

    Thats what we use too.
  15. pammy

    Hawaiian Style crf150rb

    Is that a trials tire on the rear? I hear that's the way to go now-a-days! Sick grip and traction all over the place! Did you put a big bore kit on it? What alls on it? Nice bike! Thanks for sharing!