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  1. Freedom67

    So what's your take on it all

    Both Herlings & Cairoli crashed and still came back to do extremely well. Our riders I think believe their own hype to much. Watch our younger riders crash and stand in the middle of a track looking at the bike, like waiting for someone to come help. We lack the drive the US riders used to have. The outdoor season is short and ends way to early for the American riders to go in at race pace, they've been off for a month. The glory is pushed towards stadium racing and the Europeans aren't as into that style of racing, they ride hard outdoor courses, we groom our tracks between motos to make them SAFER wtf, motocross ain't safe. Evan Ferrandis on a 250 was faster than our top guys.IMO
  2. Enduro Spec/MX-Tech Drop in Cartridge System. I did the work since it's pretty straight forward. The people there are real easy to work with and have cartridges ready to go once you supply your riding and self spec. Not cheap mine was 1100 but that was with change of spring and new seal set, bushings and oil. Much more adjustability and I can actually feel the clicker changes which I could not do with the stock units. I know Sachs are better in 18' and 19' but for me this was the least expensive and efficient.
  3. I'd rebuild the 350 and modernize as you go. Beta's are great scooters early one's just need catching up on some external components. Update forks, shock, brakes as you go. My 16' 300 RR just got front cartridge replacement and that has made a big difference.
  4. If memory serves me right Joel Robert was a larger man. Don't know I'd call him fat but big for sure. Got himself, along with a slim team member by the name of Roger DeCoster, a few World MX championships in there time. Of coarse there was a huge amount of pure talent and determination to go with that. I think I remember see Joel after a race having a cigarette also.
  5. Freedom67

    Half size sucks

    I have a 7 1/2 DD and high instep so fitting shoes/boots is a bitch. I finally found two boot makers that I am actually happy with, the Fox Instinct and the Forma Adventure, the latter I have used both for adv riding and single track. I went a half size up ( to a 8 ) with both but that was more to give me leeway in the type of sock I chose for a particular ride. Both boots fit great and have lived excellent for the amount of crashing I do.
  6. Freedom67

    Has Beta Fixed Starters and Forks?

    I don't have any idea where this information comes from but it is all false news. My 16' 300 RR with 100 plus hours has never had one problem with forks, except for Sachs not having the best damping, or starter issues. If the battery gets low from sitting then I will have a issue but simple fix I keep the battery charged. Marzochi only came on the race edition and I don't think they do today, not sure on that. I don't know where the KYB thing came from, Beta doesn't use KYB.
  7. Freedom67

    Spring rates for 2018 300RR

    I'm 225 with my riding gear and all. I went to a 5.8 lbs. rear spring and .46 front springs on my 16' 300 RR. This works well for me at my speed, C class, 70 year old and single track. I still would like to do some major front suspension work because the damping is not right. I understand the 18"s have been well revised in their damping characteristics.
  8. Freedom67

    2017 yz450f cylinder head

    Torque values have been done in this manner for 30+ years in racing applications and also high performance road going automobiles. It's the stretch of the bolt that is being measured.
  9. Freedom67

    18 TX300 possible case oil leak

    `Don't touch it. Take a lot of good picture not with a phone with a camera and park it on the dealer show room floor. Take pics of every thing not just the leak for future reference.
  10. Freedom67

    Lectron Review 2016 yz250

  11. Freedom67

    Rowing Machines? Which Brand?

    I don't know if this would work for you but I use the Schwinn Airdyne. You get a bike and rowing with your arms at the same time. I have had mine for over thirty years, still works great and never a problem. Cardio and tension for legs and arms plus no leg load with the belt system. I have a bad rt. knee and this does no damage when I work out.
  12. Freedom67

    Beta Radiator Braces - Bent my Radiator

    I crash a lot with my 16' 300 RR and with the trees I've hit and all the rest I think the Ausie radiator guards from Force are by far the best. Go to luzianna long on you tube and watch some of my videos and you'll see I'm right.
  13. All after market air filters are pretty much the same function wise but that should not happen. Always buy reputable, not chinese knock offs. If you want to try and fix it you will need to wash is with soap and water really good to get all the oil out. Then I would use Gorilla glue to attempt a fix.
  14. If you have a automotive door panel remover tool, which is best or use a screwdriver to stick in between the plastic and the frame. Hold pressure toward the frame and hit the bolt with a speed gun, air or electric in short burst. Sometimes this will break the bolt loose. If you get it out you can replace the bolt but put "neversieze" on it when going back together. If that doesn't work try grinding the head of the bolt off but use short bursts on the grinder so you don't heat the plastic. Once the head is off you can grab the insert with vice grips and the screw with pliers and twist it out. All this has at one time worked for me but you never know. Good luck.
  15. Freedom67

    2018 350rr First Ride

    What did you have to do to mount the SSS forks to the Beta? I have been thinking of this for my 16' 300 RR?