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  1. curtis515s

    Pics of your 06-09 yzf 450

    Found a 09' in the warehouse at one of the dealerships that I service. Bike had 10 minutes on it. Quite a score.
  2. curtis515s

    Seat Concepts

    Here is my DR650 with a Seat Concepts cover and foam. It's the all carbon version. It is perfect. Would like to see a picture of the one on a DR200. My wife has one of those and it to could use a new seat.
  3. curtis515s

    Seat Concepts Seat DR650

    My stock foam wasn't glued at all on my 2004 DR650.
  4. curtis515s

    Seat Concepts Seat DR650

    I put a few more miles on mine yesterday. It is so much better than stock. You will be very pleased.
  5. curtis515s

    Seat Concepts Seat DR650

    The carbon top is even easier to slide around than the stock cover. I really like it. In the reviews that I have read most people went with the carbon sides with the non slip top. On a few of them they said that if they could do it again they would get the carbon top because they stuck to the non slip to much. I'm happy with the choice that I made.
  6. curtis515s

    Seat Concepts Seat DR650

    I tried to use my Craftsman hand staple gun. That didn't work. The pan on the DR is to hard. Seat Concepts recommends using an air stapler with 1/4" or 3/16" staples. I called a local upholstery shop and they wanted $85.00 so I called another and he said $ 25.00. I took it to him this morning and it was done in 45 minutes. He did a really good job. I was going to buy a new stapler but for $ 25.00, I couldn't beat it. Plus it still wouldn't have looked this good if I would have installed it. This is a great option if your looking into a new seat. It's about the same width in the front as stock. Which is perfect for standing. It's about 3" or so wider in the normal seating position.
  7. curtis515s

    Seat Concepts Seat DR650

    My new seat cover and foam from Seat Concepts showed up last night. I went for a short 20 mile ride this morning and this thing is the best mod that I have ever done to my DR. I wanted to say thank you to Robert from Seat Concepts for the great customer service and product. If you are in the market (if you have a stock DR seat you should be) give them a try. You won't be disappointed. $ 159.99 for a quality cover and foam. This cover is the all Carbon. They have other options available for materials. Contact them for details. http://seatconcepts.art.officelive.com/default.aspx
  8. curtis515s

    Just Bought an '06 YZ450F

    Go to the top of the YZ thread where this is posted. It has everything and more than you will ever need to know. Common Threads: Look here 1st! Mods, Maintenance, Common Issues and FAQ's
  9. curtis515s

    Who makes the best o-ring chain?

    RK GB520EXW This is the best chain that I have ever used. The GB stands for gold. If you want black then it is called a 520EXW.
  10. curtis515s

    DR650 Bar Risers?

    Thanks everyone. I ordered the Procycle risers today.
  11. curtis515s

    DR650 Bar Risers?

    I'm going to buy a set of 1" risers. Does anyone perfer the Procycle version vs. the Kientech mounts? The Kientech risers look much better to me but the Procycle risers are 1/2 the price. Are there any issues with the cables? I'm using Renthal 7/8" CR high bars. Thanks
  12. curtis515s

    jetting ?????

    I put a 48 pilot in my 08' and it helped a lot on starting and also most of the decel popping went away. You want to have a little popping on decel or you are to rich.
  13. curtis515s

    09' 450 Hub on an 06'

    Thanks Gray, I will order a 06' hub. I sold this bike to my nephew when I bought an 08' so I feel bad that it needs a new hub. We were installing new bearings and the old one almost fell out without tapping it hard. The new one dropped right in without a press fit. So now it's time for a hub. How often do you replace your wheel bearings on your 06' ? Thanks