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  1. Good to see huskydog14, some others have been out that way. middle of may or so earlier = cooler, later= warmer middle of june or end= to hot mid september is good to middle of october. It is a good idea to know the time because in prime times of good temps out there good econmical places to stay will be harder to come by. booking earliy is better I have found. Usually can stay in a small cabin with heat and air refreg also. for about 30.00 each for double occ. well weezer the geezer. departure is way up in the air at this time however keep an eye out here. I am going to get a call out to chittyrox out soon. A lot of the trails out there are like 12 miles out 12 back with a few more here and there for connecting trails. where we usually park to go to the sand dune is about 34 miles out about 3 to 5 more around the dunes and 34 back so for the longer rides 80 to 100 miles is pretty good per tank. There is a lot of shorter stuff averaging about 35 miles round trip. Thanks everyone
  2. Hello fellow riders. I usually go to moab 1 or 2 times a year with my son. He can not go this year, new job. I am looking for a riding partner or partners to share the drive and ride with to and from Moab. I have been going there riding for about 15 years. I know my way around Moab and surounding areas Green River , San Rafael swell, San Juan Mountain area etc. I am 57 years old and ride a 2012 wr450f, 3 gal tank. I have road almost every trail out there (Moab) as well as some in other areas. Anyone who loves to ride, in some of the most epic canyons and high desert areas in America would enjoy the adventure to be had. I encourage interested riders to search Moab Utah along with trails such as Poison Spider Mesa trail, Slick Rock trail, Fins N Things trail, Hells revenge trail, White wash sand dunes ( I do not use or need a sand paddle tire) in the dunes aera. The best way to do this we have found is to go weekend to weekend. that is a 9 day window. The trip can be economical if need be. However if you enjoy eating well and and fine dinning that is also available out there. Check out the Red Ciffs Lodge great dinning and the view is out of this world at around 15.00 to 35.00 a plate. As far as difficulty goes, there are E Easy trails to DD double difficult. I am willing to still do some of the more difficult trails because of how epic some of those trails are, although I also like riding the easy trails and can do so the whole trip if nessesary. A combination of both are great to. Middle of May or around then is a good time to go for good temps. or middle to end of September. Time to go is flexable. I have a small car and a low profile two place trailer, can average around 23 miles to gallon. So this trip needs 2 ( Myself and 1 other) if using my car and trailer. However if more want to go I am sure others have vehicles and trailers also. With the 2 in my vehicle one person drives a tank and the other drives a tank or so and so on. Takes about 24 hours to get there that way. I live in NW Indiana I am intersted in finding folks to ride with around here, although legal places to trail ride are not very close or many of them that I know of?. In closing some info can be viewed at motoutah.com, trail reports etc. familyrider. If any interest please respond, the phone my be another option for contact I do not type very fast. Thanks everyone
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