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  1. Here it is: First off I need to run in the motor. This week is busy so best I can do is a short ride Sunday then start again Wednesday. Any suggestions for a break in routine? Owners manual is kind of vague. Next is to get the brake light hooked up and get it titled and road legalish. Then a skid plate, can't believe it isn't standard.
  2. WooHoo, new bike Sitting in the shop all clean and shiny. Unfortunately this next week is crazy busy so very little time to get out. I'm going to start a new thread to ask all sorts of questions about break in, mods and upgrades.
  3. Should be ready to pick up Thursday.
  4. If I wait for the 2016 the price will go up substantially. Working on it now.
  5. Earlier this year I found a very nice '12 WR450F, too much bike for me and my riding, beat me up so I sold it for exactly what I had in it. I was 24 hours away from plunking 10K (with shipping and taxes) on a '15 Beta 350RR. Then as it turns out I know a guy who knows a guy and can get a '15 KTM XCF-W 350 for 9K out the door, brand new not a demo. My riding is mostly Colorado two track and some not real crazy technical single track. Want to spend more time in Utah and Arizona and get better riding woods. I have read a few discussions and know this has been beat to death, red or orange, both great bikes and either one would be a good fit. Sounds like a no-brainer, right? Sometimes I mind-&%$#@! things too much.
  6. bmiller

    Suzuki DR 200 Any Good?

    I had a DR200 for a few years. Absolutely reliable. Not fast but got the job done. Goes forever on fuel. No kick start back up but would bump start very easily, not that I ever had to, was just good to know. I road that thing all over, great bike for what it was intended.
  7. bmiller

    Let's see those WR's!

    New member, 2012 WR450F. Just got the bike last month and really enjoy it so far. Four mile area, Buena Vista CO.
  8. Thanks again. My search area includes all of CO and the four corner states. There's a WRF450 in denver that the owner is asking a lot for but it looks pretty nice. I can't get to CL here, blocked, I don't remember the year.
  9. Thanks for that great response. My riding will be more dirt than asphalt. I looked around here on CL and found a 2001 WR250F and a 2004 CRF250X. Both are titled and street legal. All things being equal that's a matter of red or blue I'm guessing. My riding buddy is on a KLX250 so that's out, just so we don't look like a couple. The CRF250L I mentioned in the first post sold to the first guy who looked at it.
  10. Intro first, I'm 55 and an average rider at best, around 200lbs. Live in a small town in central Colorado with everything from easy two track to technical single track available to ride. My current ride is an older Suzuki DR200 that I've outgrown. But I do like it's simplicity and dependability. Looking for a new to lightly used bike that I can ride from the house to the trail. Will be mostly doing easy trail rides with the occasional attempt at something more technical. My old man lives in the Phoenix area so I will be down there once in awhile and want to try some desert rides. I don't want to tinker too much so two strokes are probably out. That and I live at 8,000' and some rides are well above 10,000'. Locally there is a 2014 Honda CRF250L that looks to be in new condition. Was also considering a Yamaha WR250R or TT250. What is the difference between a WR and TT? Any thoughts on a bike for an old man who just wants to get out and ride are greatly appreciated. Bill Buena Vista, CO