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  1. Moosetang4Lyfe

    2011 450 SXF carb issue?

    you wouldn't happen to have any pictures would you?
  2. Moosetang4Lyfe

    2011 450 SXF carb issue?

    alright thanks il post update when i get word from someone looking at it.
  3. Moosetang4Lyfe

    2011 450 SXF carb issue?

    sat for quite awhile but im not sure if there was fuel left in the carb or not, iv been running 92 in it. it seems to run fine while accelerating but when i decel with engine braking it backfires.
  4. Moosetang4Lyfe

    2011 450 SXF carb issue?

    the bike has 2 hours on new piston in rings, honestly i have no clue on how to tear a carb apart. if its the carb you think its because its full of gunk or before it not jetted for 40 degrees?
  5. Moosetang4Lyfe

    2011 450 SXF carb issue?

    okay so i recently purchased a 2011 450 sxf and the bike wont idle very well, iv tried adjusting the air/fuel screw and it doesnt seem to matter where its positioned it either idles really high or if i get it to idle good and i give it a quick little gas it it will start idling high again for like 10 seconds then drop back down idle for a few seconds then stall. also sometimes if i start the bike and let it idle for 15-20 seconds and goto give her a little throttle it stalls. also i can be riding it and pull the clutch in and coast and it will die doesn't matter how warm the bike is or isn't.
  6. Moosetang4Lyfe

    HELP! DDS Clutch problems?

    welp i went the redneck way and put tin foil in the little cup on the adjuster screw to make my clutch engage way better
  7. Moosetang4Lyfe

    2014 250sx clutch help

    already did that but ever since I took the plates out the clutch is not working at all
  8. Moosetang4Lyfe

    2014 250sx clutch help

    okay so im trying to figure out why my bike has a long clutch pull to engage fully so i took the plates out, and when i put them back in the clutch was to hard to pull in. so i took them out and put them back in again and now the clutch is loose and no feeing till the very end of the pull then it gets hard. what did i do wrong? i took everything out in order and put it back in in order.
  9. Moosetang4Lyfe

    Illinois Street legalizing a dirt bike.

    okay i live in illinois and i have a 2014 250 sx (2 stroke) i was wondering if you can get a street title for 2 strokes if you get all the DOT stuff. if not i can on my 250f correct?
  10. Moosetang4Lyfe

    14' 150 Sx Thoughts?

    they have shitty clutches
  11. Moosetang4Lyfe

    Jumping a 2 stroke?

  12. Moosetang4Lyfe

    Jumping a 2 stroke?

    i think im blipping the throttle cause im used to my xcf which has longer gear rations and im not wanting to shift from 3rd to 4th in a rythem section
  13. Moosetang4Lyfe

    Jumping a 2 stroke?

    well my body position is probably terrible because im 6'6" lol. not really sure how much gas i think my issue is i kinda blip the throttle on the face and bounce in and out of the powerband. i do have it set on the most aggressive setting because the prev owner didn't have the harder springs.
  14. Moosetang4Lyfe

    Jumping a 2 stroke?

    just bought my first 2 stroke (250sx) and im a little timid to charge jumps on it. i rode it a couple times and every time i jump while standing up i boner air, but if i seat bounce im fine. not sure if im suppose to just charge the jumps and let off twords the top of the face or what, anyone have any tips?
  15. Moosetang4Lyfe

    2014 250sx clutch

    well i know its been a while, but i had my bike at the shop to get the suspension rebuilt and the guy changed the hydraulic clutch oil and it works alot better now. not quiet as good as my 250 xc-f's but i can pull it in to my fingers on the bar and it works fully now.