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  1. Kulapp

    Does a ktm rotor the X

    Need to find a rotor with the Brembo magnet pick up anyone knows if the ktm one fits. Thanks
  2. Kulapp

    Beta Xtrainer assembly things to look for?

    Yeah there is the harness looks like one from a jumbo jet. I put just the number plate on not sure I want to clean the harness or lust bundle it up
  3. Kulapp

    Show me some (Beta) seat covers.

    18 xtrainer whole seat
  4. Kulapp

    Show me some (Beta) seat covers.

    I have a seat for sale
  5. Kulapp

    Show me some (Beta) seat covers.

    My good buddy sows these bad boys together. You would be surprised who made your seat
  6. Kulapp

    Xtrainer swap thought

    Wow on the first ride. Still need to tweak air pressure but what a difference. I can hit 2’ whoops and not wonder if I’ll end up in the bush I just sucked the forks in the triples and seemed fine for now. No more pogo sticking and now braking bumps won’t raddle my hands off the bars. The Brembo brakes are top notch couldn’t be happier. Swap cost me about a grand but worth it. Now we need to fix the rear end
  7. Kulapp

    Xtrainer swap thought

    Going to take her out on a date this weekend
  8. Kulapp

    Rubbers anyone bar mounts that is

    Well that’s a big difference right there
  9. Kulapp

    Rubbers anyone bar mounts that is

    Good to know need to raise the bars and thought to kill two birds with one stone. Maybe I can just make something
  10. Kulapp

    Rubbers anyone bar mounts that is

    Wow 400 buck for the mako holy moly does it come with a dirt bike
  11. Has anyone used or have these on their bike.
  12. Kulapp

    Ordering OEM parts

    I have a tail piece I can sell off my X not sure it’s the same
  13. Well done sir Well done
  14. Kulapp

    Xtrainer swap thought

    Not so much a Italian princess anymore. More like an Italian Tranny.
  15. Kulapp

    Xtrainer swap thought

    Fender works pretty good just need to tap in the bolts