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  1. pigryder

    Kawasaki KXF400 Help please

    Hey guys Im working on an 2003 KFX400 for a guy at work and was wondering if one of you fine gentlemen would happend to have the valve clearance specs? You guys rock! Thanks Brian
  2. pigryder

    Customizing the 230L

    yep plastics are all the same except colors
  3. keep and eye out for an xr/crf100 for me for the wifey to play in the woods with (and me )
  4. pigryder

    Show your PIG

    Ferdinand, looks good!
  5. tool kit covered here http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=810643&highlight=
  6. pigryder

    2010 Honda Dual Sport

    dude get the XR650L and it will be another 25 years before you start looking for another bike
  7. pigryder

    When Pigs attack!

    toecutter that blows man and I feel for ya..... speedy recovery
  8. pigryder

    My dyed tank turned purple.

    wow dude that looks like ass how bout dying it again? you think that maybe dying it a few times it might get darker??
  9. pigryder

    Whos got a sub-frame?

    you say you threw your x in the trash, you mean 450x??
  10. pigryder

    Made my 2003 Crf230f a tard!

    the hand guards are there for the same reason you put them on a offroad bike.... protect hands and most importantly keep from breaking levers
  11. pigryder

    230 fork seals

    +1 on the pcv pipe cut in half for a driver just have the right diameter and do yourself a favor and BUY factory seals..... trust me And fork seals on a 230F are a piece of cake
  12. pigryder

    12k valve adjust

    I check them every few thousand and the intake valves only needed adjusted once at 600 miles the first service and havent moved since. The wifey doenst ride offroad much but rings the guts out of this thing on the highway everyday to and from work
  13. Hey 230L owners I just did a valve check on the wifeys CRF230L this past weekend at 12k and they still havent moved I hope you guys plan on having your 230Ls along time because theyre gonna last forever you know that right? 15 years from now theres gonna be 230Ls running around with tons of miles on them and Im predicting the 230L is the new Trail 90 pic from the summer
  14. sorry man but very little fit between the two machines