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  1. Surk

    SuMo Noobie. Just got myself an Ape.

    Balls. Sorry that happened to you, man. May I ask how it happened?
  2. Surk

    SuMo Noobie. Just got myself an Ape.

    Yea, I'm gonna have to think about something clever with these....
  3. Surk

    SuMo Noobie. Just got myself an Ape.

    The previous owner installed driven grips and attempted to install some eBay hand guards. He installed one on the clutch side and when he tried to install it on the throttle side, he realized that it caused the throttle to stick. I wonder if I will have that problem still with the acerbis or cycra hand guards without changing the grips.
  4. Surk

    SuMo Noobie. Just got myself an Ape.

    Any particular reason you prefer the cycras over acerbis?
  5. Surk

    SuMo Noobie. Just got myself an Ape.

    There's a brand new front tire and the rear tire has about 60%+ left. The previous owner has driven grips installed and I want to install some hand guards but there's a chance of the throttle sticking.
  6. Surk

    Supermoto newbie, just got an Ape

    Thanks. I put up my post there with some pics. =] Yea I have heard and read about horror stories. But I think with proper maintenance, the bike should be problem free. Fingers crossed.
  7. New to the SuMo scene. After riding my buddies DRZ, I wanted to own one. Been shopping around and found an SXV 5.5 that has been rebuilt by Allen Noland. Bike already has an Arrow Ti Undertail exhaust. Here are some pics of when I picked her up. W/ a couple of buddies who tagged along ===================== =====================Home Sweet Home ===================== ===================== ===================== ===================== I'd like to know what you guys recommend as your top 5 "must-have" initial upgrades/mods, if not for this specific bike, then for motards in general. It can be cosmetic or mechanical. Something that would provide a good balance between street/track use. Thanks!
  8. Eyooo, Just got myself an 08 Aprilia SXV 5.5. First supermoto. Go big, or go home. Been rebuilt by Allen Noland. Got a question for y'all. What are the top 5 upgrades that you guys have done/recommend, whether mechanical, aesthetic, functional (i.e. comfort), that would be a good balance for street/track use, aside from an exhaust?
  9. Surk

    Aprilia SXV 550 (2008)


  10. Surk

    Aprilia SXV 550 2008