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  1. seedy

    Big Bore Stroker 325

    Many thanks for the details. Got to get cracking. Can buy a complete CB or CBR300 here - second hand - for 50K to 75K baht USD $1700 to $2500 Sell off the rest of the bike to recoup some investment. Can you supply contact for Big Block Barry - would like one of his cylinder heads. Thanks
  2. seedy

    Shifter height

    150 bucks for a shifter !!!
  3. seedy

    When a great deal turns into not such a great deal

    Get fork tubes from the scrap yard. Failing that, and competent machine shop can weld up the old threads and cut new ones.
  4. seedy

    Shift at Higher RPMs?

    Take it easy for the first 1000 km. No max rpm, and most important, when new or old - NEVER LUG the engine. After 1K, change oil and filter - ride it like you stole it. And stock the bike has a hard time pulling max RPM in 6-th. Which is why most change the sprockets. Threads on here about that - called gearing ... change the gearing ...
  5. seedy

    Oil filter choice

    Search online took me as long to find as it did you to post the question https://www.napaonline.com/en/search/ignition-parts-filters/filters-related-parts/motorcycle-atv-parts/honda_motorcycle/crf250l/2015
  6. seedy

    Chinese Dirt Bikes: The Next Big Thing? (Video)

    Many sold here. Prices can't be beat. The downside - lack of dealers, or dealers who know SFA about the products they sell and 'mechanics' who have no clue how to repair them. That being said - KTM is withdrawing from Thailand. No sales due to duty putting the prices very high. Both BMW and Ducati - here in the second largest city in the country - are in the same boat re: dealers. No one can repair them, they stock no parts - not even oil filters ! - and parts take months to arrive. Would never buy a BMW - FUGLY - but would love a Multistrada. But too difficult owning one here to bother.
  7. seedy

    Yoshimura exhaust installed!

    Thanks for the link. Nice to see some options available. One source shops can charge whatever they want as we have no other option
  8. seedy

    CRF500 Rally Build

    If you can do the fab work, get it GTAW welded. Should not be expensive.
  9. seedy

    CRF250L Suspension/Handling Upgrade Thread

    Thanks for that. I used to live in Enderby, so been to Vernon a thousand times Just filled out and sent them the contact form.
  10. seedy

    Fork Oil After Racetech Upgrade

    Do not be afraid to experiment. ATF is about 7W and works fine. Hydraulic oil works fine. If 5W is too light and 10W too heavy, mix 1/2 and 1/2 to get 7.5W That $30 buck stuff is a rip off.
  11. seedy

    Want spare throttle cable kit

    I am from Canada. Order thru a Honda dealer. I bought spare cables - all of them - when I bought the bike. Sealed the ends and run them beside the originals. If I break one out and about, the replacement is right there. Quick to change the ends, adjust, GO
  12. seedy

    Trouble Getting into neutral

    Place in neutral while still rolling. My HD's - all of them - do this exact same thing. Neutral while rolling - works every time.
  13. seedy

    CRF250L Risers

    I unclipped the throttle cables from the holder on the RH side of the steering neck. 2 years - work great
  14. Thai script says 'Dome' Wife says is a quite popular name. Is it a name in this case ??? In Shallah
  15. seedy

    Honda CRF250L/M Pics & Video

    Turn the camera around. 5:50 of your arm pit