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  1. I made one from a SS wire cooling rack I got at a restaurant supply company and zip tied it to the number plate top and bottom. works great and cost less than $5
  2. okpc

    rear sub frame bent?

    I can say from personal experience that a Chevy pickup moving at less than 30 mph has enough force to bend a sub frame up and over 10" OUCH!!! okpc
  3. okpc

    My First Year with my DRZ

    how many miles did put on over the last year? I just rolled 10,000 on my 04 and I was wondering if I am high, low or average. okpc
  4. okpc

    Muzzy and burning pants

    I had the same problem burning my Fox pants. I had pieces of leather sewn to the insides of the legs. It looks like they came that way and I no longer have to scrape melted nylon from my midpipe. okpc
  5. okpc

    MUZZY finally arrived

    I ran mine uncorked for a while but the noise started to bug me after awhile at 70+. You'll lose a bit of power with the insert but not much. If it seems to tame with the insert close your eyes for a minute in traffic and the adrenaline will kick in again. okpc
  6. okpc

    front sprocket case saver question

    Something else I noticed about the case saver, mine rides to the far outside of the chain. I think it should fall to near the mid-point on the width of the chain. What are y'all seeing? okpc
  7. okpc

    front sprocket case saver question

    I tried running without the case saver for a little while because I didn't have the right size bolts. I now have two grooves in my case where the chain slapped. I'll be buying bolts today and hoping that the groves don't propagate cracks over time. I would go with leaving it on! okpc
  8. okpc

    Arizona riding

    I will be attending a conference in Tucson and I think I'll take the bike, any suggestions for rides near Tucson? Thanks! okpc
  9. okpc

    who are you.. and what do you do..

    Phillip, 42 I'm the production manager for a rapid prototyping service bureau in Austin TX I'm back riding after 25+ years, my last bike was a Honda XR75 with a powroll kit that I raced in Juneau AK. My wonderful wife bought my S for Christmas 2004. In the last 14 months I've racked up 8200+ miles, and have only been ran over once! (teens+trucks+Cell phones = BAD NEWS!) BTW this board made wife buy the bike...she was sick of me surfing for hours on end. Don't tell her I'm still here! okpc
  10. okpc

    spocket seal size

    I found that the OEM parts list for the Kawasaki version has all ID and OD and most bolt sizes listed as part of the part description where as the Suzuki parts list give no info whatsoever. go figure. okpc
  11. okpc

    S/SM & Muzzys exhaust

    I have a Muzzy Ti can w/ SS head pipe on my 04 S. The pipe is very good as far as sound and performance and weight. The fit is very tight; I have about 1/16 clearance at the front and on the side where the pipe passes through the frame. It took some amount of readjustment to get it to fit without touching. Muzzy's sales and service department is very good and has responded quickly to the issues that I had. Overall I like the pipe and would recommend it. okpc
  12. okpc

    Muzzy exhaust ?

    I ordered a Ti can and SS head pipe specific to the S, the fit is very close to the frame but workable. It sounds great and the power increase is noticeable with the 3X3 and jetting. okpc
  13. okpc

    How's riding around Austin?

    Riding in Austin? BEWARE THE BUBBA!!! I got rear-ended this morning by a guy in a truck. My back is seriously tweaked but not broken, my beloved blue DRZ is toast. Woe is me!
  14. okpc

    How's riding around Austin?

    Winters are very nice in Austin...today's heat index will be 105 as was yesterday's and tomorrow's and ... okpc - A True Austin Native
  15. okpc

    How many TTers in TX?

    If you haven't been to Drippin' in awhile you wouldn't recognize it...houses, houses everywhere. Most of the ranches are going or gone. I learned to ride in Juneau AK on a 1974 XR75 that my father horse traded for (along with a Hodaka Wombat and a Honda MR50) after he won a raffle for a new Arctic Cat sled. You never forget your first time! okpc