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  1. Cptjak

    CRF250L Suspension/Handling Upgrade Thread

    Just a cautionary note I ordered a Ohlins shock on eBay from a vender in Italy going by the name Genialmotor in February. After a long and BS process of excuses I got my money back yesterday. The vender still has no less than six adds saying they have the shock yet they have none be careful out there.
  2. Cptjak

    New Frontend Ordered

    You will find it simpler to use the 250r triples and allballs bearing kit instead of trying to shim /shave axle spacers
  3. Hey blong I am going to do the 450 front end on my L.

    What did you do about the bump stops on the 450 lower to match the L frame  

    1. blong


      I got some plastic acorn nuts that fit the 250L frame rod perfectly

    2. Cptjak


      Sweet Thanks 

  4. Cptjak

    Warp 9 front wheel alignment issue

    You pushed the right fork leg in to much. You should tighten axel make sure forks are square tighten pinch bolts. The warp 9 spacer has obvious ledge on the right spacer when done.
  5. Cptjak

    Need advice on changing sprocket

    You have the clip on your master link on backwards
  6. Cptjak

    Lithium Batteries

    I would be interested
  7. Cptjak

    EBC DRC Series Clutch Kit

    Great shifting no slipping
  8. Cptjak

    FMF Racing Q4 Hex Slip On Exhaust

    good power
  9. Cptjak

    FMF Racing Megabomb Header

    Sweet but loud
  10. Cptjak

    Honda CRF250L 2014