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  1. Eric Landstrom

    Factory Pro FCR HDJ Kit

    Mark at Factory Pro is the guy. He makes the only dynos that do a good job of part throttle tuning. Nearly every AMA pro team uses his dynos for race bikes. All of my bikes, Husky included, are running bits that i got from him.
  2. Eric Landstrom

    what oil do i use?

    I run 15W50 100% ester based synthetic oil from Maxima. The stuff on the right, not the stuff on the left.
  3. Eric Landstrom

    Dakar Husky Pics

    Mike, How did you increase oil capacity?
  4. Eric Landstrom

    06 sm450r and sm510r ?'s

    Would you use a CRF450 as a daily rider? Then don't expect to use a SM450/510R as a daily rider. The SM450/510R are race bikes with race bike maintenance intervals. There is no key, no fan, no way of carrying anything. I've got a SM510R and it is a great bike for the track but I'd rather have a 610 for the street.
  5. Eric Landstrom

    SM510r 06 gearing question

    Use the yellow wire to your coil at (as I recall) 6x and your Veypor's tach will work. I had the same problem and ended up working with Veypor to figure out how to make a Veypor work with an AC ignition system. Basically the white and yellow wires are the same except the white wire has an in-line resistor. I found through trial and error that we cannot have any resistor to make it work. Other peoples' questions: My peak hp on my modified 510 is 49.2hp as measured on a Factory Pro EC997 dyno. My top-end is just over 100mph but I'm a human sail.
  6. Eric Landstrom

    SM510r 06 gearing question

    Make up your own mind about how much spunk I've lost with 16/42 from on-bike video I shot last weekend chasing a TZ250. Failed attempt to run down Jim's TZ250. Larger frame size of same vid (right click it is 81 MB).
  7. Eric Landstrom

    SM510r 06 gearing question

    I run 16/42 on my '05 SM510R. I'd really, really like a wider ratio tranny. Next time I split the cases I may find out what other gears I can shove in.
  8. Eric Landstrom

    Husky's website............

    I don't think they have a webmaster. None of the "this bike rocks!" '06 mag reviews are in the media section.
  9. Eric Landstrom

    Draining oil on 06 TE450

    I pull the drain plug, pull the paper filter, then pull the screens and rock the bike side to side to get all the oil out of the tranny that is stuck behind a baffle. Clean the screens get a new paper filter, button it all up and then add slightly less than 1.5L of oil to fill back up on my 510.
  10. Eric Landstrom

    #40 Pilot Jet Improved Starting On 06 TE 250

    I run a #40 pilot (slow speed jet in FCR speak) on my SM510R too.
  11. Eric Landstrom

    Cool Husky Stuff from the factory!

    I can't see how I could learn the price, let alone order one of the leather supermoto jackets.
  12. Eric Landstrom

    Rotella Synth?

    Maxima 15W50 I get it at cost.
  13. Eric Landstrom

    Rotella Synth?

    For me, because my engine is modified and the 15W50 100% ester synthetic oil is superior to the Agip 10W60 in every respect while costing half as much.
  14. Eric Landstrom

    Rotella Synth?

    Rotella truck oil? Not for me. I run 15W50 full synthetic ester motor oil in my supermoto. Turns out I change it often too with 21 oil changes in 78.4 hours.
  15. Eric Landstrom

    Aftermarket Slave cyclinder option?

    Paul, how'd you get sponsored? I need an in with all the parts I go through.