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    GET RX1 EVO ignition for 2016 KTM 250SXF / FC250. Ex Redbull Team unit. Includes handle bar mounted map switch and WiFi comm unit.


    Kent, Washington - US


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    Hinson BTL slipper clutch for KTM 15-17 Factory Edition 250 SXF, 14-17 250/350 SXF-SCF, 16-17 Husky 250/350. Part # BTL577. Cosmetic blem on face of cover / lightly scratched coating only. Works perfect but am moving more into single track so switching to Rekluse. Includes 4 different dome disc for different levels of slip. 1100N, 950N, 850N, 750N.


    Kent, Washington - US

  3. Probably a bit late on the reply but I run an 01 motor in 02 frame and any 02-07 silencer fits perfect. I currently modded a 16 250 xc silencer and like how it pulls on the top end. I added the EE end cap and can throw the spark arrestor in when I need it and run without when I don't.
  4. I saw a guy last year with an E start on is CR 500. It did get your attention when he just jumped on, touched the button and burned off..
  5. On my 01 engine, I started with the 12 oz, then went to the 10 and have finally settled on the 8. I do mostly hare scramble style racing but have taken up Moto last year. I spent a day at the track going back and forth from no FWW to the 8 oz and couldn't really feel much difference on how quick it would rev up but could definitely tell how well the back tire hooked up. I just run the 8 everywhere now. The 10 and 12 work well for off road / technical / slick riding for what its worth.
  6. "Do it all CR" ready for Friday Night Motocross!
  7. I run his 265 kit on an 01 motor. I first started with his "bottom end" porting and that combined with a FMF Gnarly/10oz FWW was a torque monster. It was perfect for the tight stuff and mountain trails riding. I then had him freshen it up and tried his "C-10" porting and this gave me more mid and top end without giving up too much on the bottom. I just switch back and forth from a gnarly and fatty/ 8 oz or no FWW depending on how fast the course is going to be. I've also had him do a 134 kit on my sons 02 cr125 and when I switched motors to a 96, a 144 kit on that with very positive results. I've sent cylinders to him on 4 occasions so far and the customer service has been awesome and pricing was very fair. I will continue to use him till he retires.
  8. Rode some tight single track at Tahuya this past weekend. Didn't change clickers from last Hare Scramble and this thing tracked really well over the rocks and roots. I could of backed out a couple on the forks for a more plush ride but overall this setup has exceeded my expectations. Still need to do a pure track day for the other end of the spectrum.
  9. Going on three years with mine. Love it!! It is a "set and forget" carb. Lectron set it up when shipped out to me. I slightly adjusted the idle and power jet and run it. Runs great from idle to top and cleans out nicely after running in the woods. Doesn't matter if its 100 or 20 degrees or any elevation changes I've run at. My Keihin AS also ran great, I'm just done with messing with jetting anymore.
  10. Short back story. Use bike mostly for Hare Scramble/Sprint Enduro type racing (01 Gorr 265, 02 Frame and shock, 06 CRF450 forks. All setup for woods type riding) Started doing a bit of local moto with my son this summer and am crushing this suspension on the track even with clickers cranked. Current setup is awesome in the woods though. Thought about getting second set of forks/shock setup for moto and would swap back and forth but after a bit of self reflection, realized that would get old real fast. Plan B: 2012 KX250F Showa SFF spring forks (last of the 47mm) Same length as my CRF forks, had them valved for me and had a set of hard anodized Honda lower lugs I had hanging around swapped on at the same time.(dont have to switch to the Kawi brake hanger bracket this way) These forks have a good range of adjustment and an external ability to adjust spring preload. I think I read that they are about 1.5 pounds lighter then my CRF forks. (also swapped from Flexx bars to Twin Walls sans crossbar for approximate 2-2.5 pound weight reduction.....like I can tell) Plus the lowers are coated for an additional 10 horsepower! Researched measurements and found an Ohlins TTX shock off a 09 CRF450 was very close in length. Serviced and correct spring for my weight. Seeing how the valving feels before making any changes. I forgot to weigh them but the Ohlins is noticeably lighter when holding them side by side. Only one ride/race so far (Washougal Hare Scramble) but the initial results are very positive. Bike feels like it rides higher in the travel, feels more firm, yet seems more plush on the choppy stuff. Screwy description I know but that is my impression so far. Looking forward to more time on the bike soon. A few pics
  11. 01 motor in 02 frame woods/hare scamble/mx bike. I run the Gorr 265 with C10 porting, Lectron carb (for ease of use mostly) Boyeson Rad Valve, RB modded head and switch between a stock pipe, FMF Fatty, and FMF Gnarly depending on what kind of riding I'm planning on. Also run a "shorty" FMF Q Stealth. IMO, the main thing that makes the bike more "flexible" is the Rekluse Z Start Pro. I run it on the hardest and lowest rpm engagement point. 13/50 gearing for MX, 14/50 for everything short of a couple of high speed desert style races where I run 14/47. Tried the 12, 10 and 8 oz FWW and pretty much settled on the 8. I spent an afternoon at the track swapping FWW and even going without. It was very apparent how much better the bike was able to put power to the ground when I put the FWW back on. Personally, I like the 8 as the motor will still spin up quickly when you fan the clutch out of the corners. I ride and race with all the newest bikes (which are amazing.....and expensive) and this ole girl holds her own everywhere except top speed on some faster courses. Limited top speed is probably a safety net for my young mind in an old body. The way my motor is setup, it just wont die. Gear to low, it just chugs away and seems to find traction saving my backside time and again. Cartwheel high speed crash, just lays on its side idling waiting for me to re-group and get going again. With a little trial and error, I'm sure you can find the combo that works well for your use.
  12. Awesome looking CR! Cone pipe is sexy
  13. I have a couple of extras brake pedals if you are still looking?
  14. Willing to let it go? Looking for any parts?
  15. A lull in the race season has allowed the "tinker-itis" to flare up and got me wondering about the Vortex ignition. Anybody currently running one (pros/cons) or have one they would like to part with?
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