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  1. All fixed, the oil bypass was the issue
  2. Hello all, Long time lurker, new member here. Read the LC4 thread index on adv but couldn't find any help there. I own an 04' 625 smc with about 15500 miles. It recently went out on me. The rocker arm follower bearing seized and cause havok inside the rocker cover. New rocker arm assemblies (intake and exhaust) installed, new rocker shafts, new 690 rallye cam, and new cam bearings. The old cam was shredded from the follower bearing seize. So now that's all replaced and put back together, there is another issue. Though it may be the original issue that caused the follower bearing failure in the first place. My oil flow into the frame neck seems to be very low to nill. I can not get the frame to burp oil out of the upper frame plug as needed. It ran for 5 minutes without any oil coming out. There seems to be little to no oil building up in the frame tube. Either its being suctioned out too fast or pumped in too slowly. So question is, what to do? I have checked the oil lines going to the frame neck for debris. How can I properly check the oil flow into the frame neck? I've read that the oil bypass piston on the bottom of the sump can get stuck. Although this doesn't seem like it would cause the low oil flow. Could it be one or both of the oil pumps? If so, how can I check the flow/pressure these are putting out, do I just loosen all of the banjo bolts slowly to see if oil is flowing? Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thank you, -Jason