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  1. brianunangst

    2003 honda crf dumping fuel??

    sounds like the float in the carb is stuck. Happened to me the first time I changed my jetting. When you put the float bowl back on the float is probably hung up on something. Check it out and see what you can find.
  2. brianunangst


    did crfkilla get another account?
  3. brianunangst

    Best Exhaust???

    I didn't say 230/150's suck nor did I say sell the bike...if that's what it sounded like I stand corrected. I said I agree with young88 because what he said was a good point. Aftermarket pipes on these bikes give very minimal increases and for the insane prices they cost its almost not worth it if your looking for performance. Money could be spend on other mods which would waken the bike up much more. If you're just buying a pipe for the "bling bling" or just to mod 'er up then by all means, go ahead. If somebody is looking for a major noticeable power increase from a pipe, they need to look at a bigger bike. I didn't see anyone say "150/230 suck. Buy a bigger bike." They only stated that the they are very limited power wise and a 150/230 is not a bike to be looking for big power from...unless you have big $$$.
  4. brianunangst

    Best Exhaust???

    dude where did you come from why are here bashing the 230s for a bigger bike do you even own one.or are you a salesman your acting like a 8yr old YOUR POST ARE STUPID That doesn't sound like bashing to me...It's more like the truth. Any kind of performance exhaust is going to give you a very minimal, probably unnoticeable difference unless matched with other big $$$ mods like a big bore kit, cam, and the like. Adding a pipe to a bike that has already been uncorked and jetted with the stock exhaust (hope you did that first) is not going to give much of a noticeable gain. Period. As for bashing...some guys from the other forums do bash our bikes yes, but others have had many more years of experience with bikes than you and maybe you should grow up and listen to them once in a while.
  5. brianunangst

    does any one have a suggestion?

    He would still have DUMB spelled wrong
  6. brianunangst

    motor trouble

    Neglected?...Possibly. Bad batch of parts?...Possible. I see no point in jumping to conclusions and accusing someone of neglecting their bike when it's very possible that something was done wrong in assembly or something else like that. That much a catastrophic failure had to happen from something major.
  7. brianunangst

    rear brake

    Not hard at all. Pull the axle out and disconnect the brake linkage and loosen the chain. Pull the wheel off and the whole drum assembly just comes right off the side of the wheel. As for taking the internals apart, theres really not that much in there that you cant planely see that might be broken.
  8. Are you wanting to buy a whole rim and hub or just the rim? If they are the same size rim, buy a rim marketed for the 250 and get spokes and lace it to the 230 hub.
  9. brianunangst


    Never seen it done on a bike or a small engine, but I have seen it on a Z400...some kid with nothing else to do with his money.
  10. brianunangst

    Motor oil in Air Box

    The 230 has a crankcase vent to the airbox. That has to be where the oils coming from. The is almost no way that much oil could go through the rings, into the combustion chamber, through the carb and then into the airbox. If that DID happen...good luck to ya:crazy: . But its almost surely from the breather hose.
  11. brianunangst

    Motor oil in Air Box

    Check the oil level in the case, you might have overfilled it and blown some back up the crank case breather hose.
  12. I noticed a big difference...but that because I went from stock jetting and stock pipe to power-up jetting with the powercore. My guess is most of the change was from the jetting. I probably wouldnt be able to notice the difference between stock uncorked and the FMF pipe.
  13. First things first: FMF Powercore for the model sucks quality wise! First month I had mine on the spark arrestor screen began to break loose and untimately blew out. Sent it back to FMF under warranty and they replaced the screen. Okay good, thought it would be fine. About another month or two after getting it back from FMF did the same thing. I thought maybe I was the only one having this problem, but I posted on here and found out I was not the only one. Spend your money on something else besides FMF. Second: Powroll's header does not fit the FMF pipe. When you put the FMF pipe on with the stock header you have to remove that wire-type gasket. The powroll head where the joint is, it the same diameter as the stock head WITH the wire gasket thing. You could possibly mod it to work but it'd be a whole lot easy to but a full system. Just my two cents. Hope you make a better choice that I did
  14. brianunangst

    just got wooped by a cr85

    If you are going to be moving up to a bigger bike in the future, the big bore kit is not worth the time or money. The 85 will still kick your ass. Especially if you can't handle an 85, how to you expect to keep up with or beat it?
  15. brianunangst

    Tower City Trail Riders in PA

    Does anybody know if you have to have adult supervision at Towercity? I'm 17 and able to drive now and I wanted to go down with some friends, but our parents don't ride. Any ideas?