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  1. I’ve had two Ktm, & still went back to Yamaha! But it’s all about personal preference, I liked my Ktm, but never got happy with the suspension! My yz250x is simply the best I’ve ever had, w/o sending it out for another $500 in mods! , the only thing I don’t like about my yz250x is the trans, I hate the gap between 3rd &4th & 5 th
  2. Yamaha651

    Ktm350 vs yz250f

    Thanks for your opinion! It’s very valuable and helpful, you are a blessing to everyone that reads this!
  3. Yamaha651

    Dislikes and likes about the YZ250FX

    How much you weigh? I’m only about 160/165
  4. Yamaha651

    Yz250f vs ktm350

    Anyone seen or done a comparison of the yz250f & 350 Ktm?
  5. Yamaha651

    Ktm350 vs yz250f

    Anyone seen a comparison of the 350 & 250f
  6. Yamaha651

    Dislikes and likes about the YZ250FX

    I’m considering getting A 2020, but my only reservation is the trans! I don’t think I’ll like that W/R trans,
  7. Sounds like she needs a WR, not a FX,
  8. Yamaha651

    Anyone > 200lbs get a 250X valved for woods go to track?

    It’s got to break in! Give it about 5 hrs!
  9. Yamaha651

    YZ250FX Under-geared?

    I think yamaha tried to cover too many bases with this gearing! Perfect for some ! Sucks for others! I haven’t bought a fx because of the gearing, I know I’d prefer the Mx trans for my area, but ya can’t please everyone!! Lol
  10. Yamaha651

    New Yamaha two strokes 2020!

    If yam would just slap a 250 2t, into the 250f it would sell
  11. Yamaha651

    YZ250X head mod vs. upgrade?

    All this modification talk to make the X more powerful jees, why not just get the regular YZ? Yes I have a X, with a fmf gnarly, a fww, & v-force, to me it’s all for a broader power, not max power, thatsbwhy Yamaha tuned it the way they did!
  12. Yamaha651

    2019 300xc cylinder issue

    Cold seizure
  13. Yamaha651

    Breaking in new 2018 350SX-F