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  1. Coton

    Can anyone identify these forks?

    Eastreich it seems you're spot on. After looking for a while, I found out that the 2001 RM 250 also appear to have these KYBs forks. Are you positive the clamps are from a Kawasaki ?
  2. Coton

    Can anyone identify these forks?

    This is what the caps look like. I couldn't see any stamping or anything along the tubes. I didn't have mu caliper with me so I could only take an approximate measure but the inner tubes look like they are 50mm diameter.
  3. I just got these upside down forks and they were sold to me as 2008 RMZ 450 but when I look up the bikes from that year (or any RMZ 450 for that matter), the tubes don't seem to match. Especially at the bottom of the outer tube where the seals are. At least I don't think they're Showa forks. Can anyone identify them? It doesn't really matter to me if they're real RMZ forks but I'd like to know where they came from exactly (to find parts). I'm in France if that helps. Thanks!
  4. Hi ! I just got my 1995 DR 650 RSE in a pretty good condition and I'm aware the more recent ones are much better but also much more expensive around here (I'm in France). One thing that I want to sort though is the suspensions. I don't mind the engine being a bit more rough or the bike being a little heavy but the suspensions are waaay too soft and I'm not a heavy rider (160lbs). After some research I've seen a few posts and even some videos about swapping the DR 650 forks and triple trees from a RMZ 450. All of these are about the DR from after 1996, which if I'm not mistaken, has a very different frame. I was wondering if any of you guys knew how hard it would be to swap it on an older bike? I don't really mind machining the stem or changing the bearings but I have no idea where to find the info on what's to change. I managed to find an entire front end from an RMZ 450 for sale and was thinking about getting the whole setup with wheel and brake included. Also, anyone knows of a good candidate for a shock replacement? Thanks a lot.
  5. Coton

    MRD or Yoshi full pipe for my 07 SM?

    How would the FMF Q4 + Powerbomb compare with the Yoshimura RS2 (performance and sound wise)? It would seem that the RS2 is a bit more expensive but the price isn't much of a criteria here cause I can get those 3 exhaust within a 50€ difference.
  6. Coton

    MRD or Yoshi full pipe for my 07 SM?

    Thanks for your input Jboat! I always wear earplugs when going for long rides or anything prolonged above 80km/h, where the wind noise is an issue but on I use my DRZ on a daily basis for my work commute (15min each way) inside the city (Paris, so mostly stop and go with lots of lights and a speed limit at 50km/h and sometimes 30km/h…). I hear my exhaust way more than any wind noise. Like I said my pipe is already pretty loud so I'm scared if the MRD is louder it's going to be a pain. I'm pretty sure the RS2 with insert would be quieter than my current setup. If only I could compare them all vs the open Scorpion, I could decide to go for performance or quietness…
  7. Hi! I know this issue has been beaten to death but after reading through a lot of material, I'm even more confused. I have a 2007 DRZ 400 sm with everything but the muffler stock for now. I have just ordered the JD jet kid and plan to do the 3x3 at the same time as I rejet. Currently on the bike I have a Scorpion muffler that the previous owner put on it. The quiet insert is broken (previous owner) so I've been running without it since the beginning. I'd like to get a quality full exhaust to take advantage of the rejet and airbox opening. I don't really plan on going any further than that as far as modifications go, at least it will be a few years before I get a FCR, cams or a big bore (might upgrade to a 690 or a 701 before it comes to that anyways). I have read excellent reviews everywhere for the MRD/SSW but I also saw that it's pretty obnoxiously loud. I ride in busy small streets 95% of the time and I'd rather not ride with earplugs all the time. Considering I already have an open exhaust (see the pic), how much louder would the MRD be? I don't really care about max performance, I just want the bike to run as good as I can. I'm quite used to a loud exhaust but I don't want something a lot louder than that. I'm pretty sure the Yoshi RS2 with the quiet insert would be quieter than the completely open Scorpion. Right ? I mean it still has the stock header on so that might not be true… Price wise the MRD is cheaper and the shorty version would be the best in terms of aesthetics (but also the loudest right?). I like the carbon fiber muffler of the Yoshi and the heat shield but that big ass red kanji sticker bothers me. Anyway, what would you guys do if my priorities were 1) Bike running perfectly 2) Not "all the neighbors want to kill me" loud 3) Neat looking 4) Good bang for the buck. Thanks!
  8. Thanks! I asked for pics and if possible a serial number so hopefully I'll have more infos soon and I'll post it here.
  9. Hi, I already posted about this a few months ago. I wasn't sure what the best option was to upgrade my pretty stock DRZ400sm (only has aftermarket exhaust for now). I'm definitely going to be doing the 3x3 mod in the next few weeks but I'm still hesitating between buying a JD jet kit for the stock Mikuni carb or buying a used fcr39. I have 2 questions the answers of which should help me decide. On the local classified, there is currently a 2002 ktm 400 exc FCR39 for sale for much cheaper than the price of the kit on TT (also I'm in Europe so anything I buy on this website is going to be really expensive to ship my way). Does anyone know if the 2002 exc had FCRMX or the older model? Will it fit the DRZ? If I decided to pull the trigger on a used FCR39 (mx or not), are you guys aware of anyone doing a decent conversion kit? On TT I only see the entire kit including the carb, that I would obviously not need if I got a used one. Thanks!
  10. Coton

    Should I buy a FCR 39 MX? Or just rejet?

    Ah ok. Then yeah, they came with the limited edition kit (made of fiber instead of just plastic, might be why it's so expensive…). There are a few yellow ones with it too. Also, mine has a Polysport headlight and front fender on right now but it came with the headlight/fender combo from factory like this. I thought it looked kinda weird.
  11. Coton

    Should I buy a FCR 39 MX? Or just rejet?

    Oh wait, by shrouds I thought you meant the whole plastics kit. Sorry, english isn't my first language. What do you mean exactly by "shrouds"? BTW 700$ for a set of plastics is nuuuuuts.
  12. Coton

    Should I buy a FCR 39 MX? Or just rejet?

    Thanks for your advice guys. I don't know if I've mentioned it somewhere but I'm in France and I've never seen an MRD exhaust anywhere here. It's tempting as it would only cost me about 560USD shipped. But is it worth it considering I'm probably not gonna go as far as big bore and might not even do cams? I might be upgrading to another sumo in a couple of years so I'm gonna try not to sink too much money in the DRZ if the difference is not too noticeable… Let's say right now I want to do the most basic (and cheapest) mods, considering I already have a pretty open pipe, the way to go is do the 3x3 and rejet and see from there? @ohiodrz400sm The plastics on the bike are the sm limited edition plastics from factory. I'm not sure it ever came to the US. I've seen it in black, yellow and white. The plastic feels thicker and has a nice coat of clear finish on it that makes it really shiny, on top of a somewhat more agressive design.
  13. Ok so quick overview of what I have here: 2007 DRZ 400 sm with about 31 000km on it (about 19000 miles) with limited edition plastics. I'll post a photo for good measure. As far as performance mods go, I only have an aftermarket slip on. It's a Scorpion Exhaust, I wouldn't even be able to say what model as I can't find it online… It was put on the bike by the first owner and it loud as &%$#@!. He said the baffle fell in when one of the welds broke and he had to take it out. He gave it to me but I can't put it back on. Anyway I love the bike and it starts fine with the starter on and then runs fine, except it sometimes stalls if I blip the throttle really quickly, go figure why. It also backfires a lot on deceleration with this exhaust… I've had the bike for about 7 months now, put about 4000km on it and love it. I think it's time to start getting some performance mods to make it run a bit better and make it more fun. I was looking into the 3x3 mod and JD jet kit for the stock carb and saw that people were heavily recommending to swap the carb for a FCR 39. I'm not planning on spending nearly 600$ on a new carb but I checked on our equivalent of Craigslist and found an FCR 39 that came off a 2008 KTM 530 exc-r for 200€ (about 235 USD). First of all, would that be a good fit for my DRZ? I read there are a few different FCR 39 type of carbs. I know I need some parts to make it fit the DRZ and found this kit for 93USD but the shipping cost to France is 60USD… That would bring the FCR swap to about 330€ (a little south of 400USD). Is it worth it? Do you guys think I could find an adaptation kit in Europe? Also, I think I'm gonna get the Yoshimura RS2 full exhaust and I was wondering what kind of jetting I would need in the FCR to run smoothly with that exhaust and the 3x3? Thanks!
  14. Thanks SherpaHead for the list. Mine actually had the handguards on it when I purchased it (ex riding school bike) which is nice. I also have the black one with high fender and street tires. My dealer just received the new jets tonight and I installed them right when I got home, took me 30 min now that I know how to pull out the carb. I took it for a ride as soon as I was done. Since I just came back home it wasn't completely cold, and started right away. I removed the choke right after it started and it died after a bit but I've read that you're supposed to idle cable when you rejet so I did that and it was fine. When I took it on the road I saw the difference right away. So much more responsive and quite a lot faster too. But although it would rattle a lot in low rpm it was still behaving weirdly if I was barely accelerating. The engine seems to misfire/backfire I'm not sure which but I have some sudden and quick drop of power in low rpm. It also pops in the muffler when I shut off the bike. Now that I changed the jets, what could cause that? Should I check my valves? Could it come from my spark plug cap? I don't really know how to troubleshoot now that the bike is running pretty great apart from that.
  15. Yeah I found that group a few days ago and I was amazed with all the content they have. I'm definitely going to rejet it. If you don't mind me asking, what other mods did you do to your Sherpas?