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  1. Checked Invoice I'm Dealing with 327 Lbs. Aluminum trailer. If I take off the 3 wheels I'm in the range of 282 lbs. I have 4 hook points on the outside frame and a few within for rails tie down. Fenders are flat if i can get these to ceilling and stablized and secure toung rail??? well Im thinking.
  2. Inspiration well how about that. One fella said be carefull of the load bearing weight on the 2x4S and joist. Still have to figure clearance from Jeep Cherokee roof to bottom of axle on frame. Have not gone into detail of that waiting till end of season and trailer use I'm thinking October , November when things get serious. Wife said NO HOLES IN THE Ceiling Period! Well Now I'll see about that! This is a tuff one I lke the idea of the pully and strap If I post a Pick of the thing mabey it would help?
  3. hussar

    Off-Highway Safety Training

  4. Anybody ever try to do this? With chain, winch,or straps. 230.lbs Aluminum 3 rail. I live in a sub that has to be kept tidy. 12ft long could prop it up against inside wall but mite have to cut a hole for it to recess into ceiling. Then I thought about just lifting the thing up to clear my jeep roof.
  5. Thanks! There I go then.
  6. Thanks! There I go then.
  7. I have a 230F and 2 100f machines but have a need to haul just two with a three rail Trailer. Correct method would be to put bikes on the outside rails even though one is heavy. In a 3 bike pull heaviest bike would sit on center rail and the other 2 on the outside. 1st haul will be with two bikes new traler. Comments help.
  8. hussar

    CRF 100 F Sticking Throttle

    OldTurtle You got it absolutely correct. Got to the shop and they had time before closing to get at the Phillips heads while I watched. They broke free, grip moved back in place worked as new. Learned about gasoline also. If you leave bike sit more than a week DRAIN THE FLOAT BOWL. Gas is not refined like it used to be and will go old fast. NO EXCEPTIONS. Something had to move that grip I dint know that I will ever know. I'm thinking as the grip shoved over the bar the the screws had more pressure on them do to taper on handle bar??? Carburetor will be cleaned and I'm off again. Thanks to all hope this may help someone else.
  9. I got Pictures of my set up Ill try to load up this evening I'm totally happy with.
  10. hussar

    CRF 100 F Sticking Throttle

    Old T. thanks for your feedback. The gas is a point. have 2 other bikes all filled at same time and their not acting up. Rubber on handle is one I considered myself looked at my matching CRF100F an the space between handle and housing look identical.Bike was ridden and tinkered with for two days before I got a looksee at the problem myself. Friend was impatient about waiting for myself a tach and sevice manual to arrive. The Engine will run and start but stays at that position until you rotate throtlle back to start which returns to idle it basically acts as a dead mans throttle. I went after the two phillips screws on the assemly but found them to be very tight and could not loosen and started to score them up and stoped. To the shop I say. Stay Tuned. Im not a Mech but I will be bummed if the shop says it was the rubber handle up against the bar.
  11. hussar

    CRF 100 F Sticking Throttle

    HELP? Wifes CRF100F 2004 was hard to start but did start and run. Friend offered to look at it decided to adjust freeplay. Throttle grip now stays were you twist it and does not return. I felt it was unsafe to ride and will take it to a shop. Could be return spring at caberator or cable end worked loose in housing at the hand grip and jamed up out of the track. Any thoughts on this?
  12. hussar

    cycle conservation club

    I'm a new member of CCC join you wont be disappointed. My 12 year old needed a permit and we found a class in Fenton threw the CCC and it was Great! They held the class in the snow? remember that last snow fall before spring kind of snuck up on us. He got his permit! Bunch of kids did it was a day to remember.
  13. hussar

    helmets, what to buY?

    KBC I wonder if they manufacture other brands? I USE A KBC SUPERMOTO lOVE IT.
  14. Im 57,Ride CRF230F, Wife is 50 Rides CRF100F, Son is 13 Rides CRF100F