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  1. BikeFlipper37

    Pre race anxiety

    Had years of seat time which is why i dont understand why im so anxious... i am a woods rider and this will be my first mx style race
  2. BikeFlipper37

    Pre race anxiety

    Hookers and blow might be my only option lmao
  3. BikeFlipper37

    Pre race anxiety

    How do you guys get over pre-race anxiety? Every time a race is coming up about a week before hand I start to get anxious. I start thinking about everything that could go wrong. Like what if i case a jump in front of everybody that i know or i get a bad start and finish last. I am comfortable riding in front of people but when it comes to a race i feel like im going to look like a goon. I really want to go to this race but i keep trying to talk myself out of going at the same time. Its the local county fair mx race and Im a C class rider and dont want to make a fool out of myself
  4. BikeFlipper37

    Who is Joey Mac?

    I got tagged in a ronnie mac video my buddy shared the other day on facebook. I commented Joey Mac is better and somehow he saw my comment and replied to it. Made my day!!!!
  5. BikeFlipper37

    screwed over by the DNR

    I took my gopro off before we went out. Im always worried im going to lose it in the woods. Im really regretting not having it now
  6. BikeFlipper37

    screwed over by the DNR

    I was riding last weekend wit about 10 other people. We were all riding on private property. We had all turned our bikes off as a dnr officer pulled up in the field along the edge of the timber we were in. He yelled out for us to come over to him because he wanted to make sure we had permission to ride on the lland we were on (which we did). To get to him we had to cross a shallow creek so we all started our bikes and rode across the creek and stoppedby his truck. He then proceeded to tell us that since we just rode across that creek and he saw us do it that he was going to write us all $200 tickets for deteriorating the stream bed. So we all gave him our id's and info and told him what we were doing so he decided he wanted to be nice. Instead of writing us up for deteriorating the stream bed for $200 he gave us all $125 riding on the road tickets. Our trucks were parked on the property and we never even touched the road!! What should i do? try and fight it in court since we never actually rode on the roadand risk him giving me the $200 ticket instead or should i just give up and pay it? He told us to cross the stream so he could talk to us!!
  7. BikeFlipper37

    First "bad" wreck

    The only reason i haven't gone yet is because from what ive read it doesn't seem to be severley bad. I never threw up, and made myself stay up for 8 hours after. I had jelly legs for the rest of the night but my legs and knees are also covered in bruises. It's been 2 days now and i'm still finding bruises i didn't know i had
  8. BikeFlipper37

    First "bad" wreck

    Heres some background, im 18, ride a cr250r, and am a c class rider. I was riding at a private track yesterday, one i am very comfortable on. It was freshly tilled, packed, and the track was just drying from a light rain.. It was good and tacky. I was riding and came around the last corner before the finish lline jump, (nothing big, its kinda built like a wedge with the down slope for a landing) i came at it fifth gear wide open like i normally do, As i came into the air i noticed i was starting to nose dive and gave it some gas but it was too late. I endod and went over the bars and face planted. From this point on for a solid 2 or 3 minutes i dont remember anything but from what everybody tells me i didnt know where i was or what was happening but i never actually completely knocked myself out. I got it all on go pro which made for one hell of a video!! I didn't go to the hospital but from what ive read on google ive got a concussion. Walked away with one hell of a headache and alot of bruises. When i hit the groud and faceplanted head first i honestly think the only thing that save me was my neckbrace. Without it i think it would have been alot worse. The worst ive ever ate it is just laying it over.. this one was bad and kinda shook me up a little.. but i figured, why quit, shit happens, i need new bars now but atleast thats the only thing i need to fix. Tried to get on the bike today but i was too sore to even get it started.. Let's hear your guys first "bad" wrecks!
  9. BikeFlipper37

    FMF Racing Fatty Pipe

  10. BikeFlipper37

    Moto Tassinari V-Force 3 Reed Valve System

  11. BikeFlipper37

    Honda CR250R (2002)


    runs great
  12. BikeFlipper37

    Honda CR250R 2002

    runs great
  13. BikeFlipper37

    Buying a bike to flip

    I think thats a great idea. I've been doing it for the last year. I've owned atleast 60 bikes in the last year. my most recent purchases were a 08 crf250r that i bought for 1300 and sold few days later for 2000. and last week i bought a kx500 for 1400 and sold it this weekend for 1800. I'm 17 and this is my main source of income. i just scrub the crap out of em, change the oil, tighten the spokes, somtimes adjust the chain and then sell them. I search craigslist and find a screaming deal then buy it and repost it a couple days later. So far i haven't lost any money yet
  14. BikeFlipper37

    2 stroke no power

  15. BikeFlipper37

    2 stroke no power

    Silencer is not plugged, air filter is clean, and plug is decent it has about 25 hrs on it How can i check my powervalve?