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  1. James Stewart is also being signed to race the yz in SX.
  2. If you have the tools, those are super easy to swap out.
  3. I'm loving those fork caps. I may need to find this myself.
  4. send the cylinder and head to someone who can sleeve it. If i recall, wouldn't a sleeve replace the cylinder skirt that broke off? And if not, they'll tell you. Only out shipping cost. Couple hundred to sleeve it. Plus $50 for head work. The replace the broken case, crank and bearings. $600-700 and you'll be up and running again.
  5. I tear my 2002 yz250 down to the frame every winter. I check every bearing and grease or replace as needed. Paint the frame if i feel like it. Pull the cylinder off and check piston, rod and crank for play/wear. Check my clutch plates for thickness in spec. And everything gets a thorough cleaning. I bought the bike new and only once has it ever failed on me in the middle of a race. And that was a faulty piston ring that broke after 2 hrs on it.
  6. 125 is a great bike and a good place to start. They are a ton of fun to rip around.
  7. I use a cheap electric 1300psi washer to knock the dirt off, followed by a simple green soak, then pressure washer again. Done it this way for almost 20 yrs. Never once have i damaged a seal or bearing.
  8. If jetting isn't curing your rich condition, I'd check for an oil leak internally. Pull your cylinder off and look down past your crank with a flashlight to see if you have a puddle of oil down there. Could be right side crank seal or case half gasket.
  9. This i did not know. Should be ok then.
  10. How much free play at the lever? How's cable adjustment? It's easy to lay the bike on the left side, remove clutch cover and plates to measure thickness.
  11. The 04 lower triple clamp won't work. Different forks between your 17 and 04. You only need the steering stem and press them into your 17 clamps.
  12. before buying anything, i would tear it apart to find exactly what went wrong.
  13. It revved real high then died. That sounds like it ran out of fuel. Butt that doesn't explain the knocking noise. Unless it was detonation that you heard. Pull the fuel line off the carb and open petcock. Getting fuel? Clean carb really well also. Just a thought. Sent from my SM-G920P using ThumperTalk mobile app
  14. This makes zero sense. Tell that to the vintage racers riding a 1976 Honda Elsinore. Sent from my SM-G920P using ThumperTalk mobile app
  15. Practice on your stand in your garage. Just pretend your jumping and go through the motions like you're really doing it. Sent from my SM-G920P using ThumperTalk mobile app