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  1. kcposty

    Dakar 2019 Updates, Pictures & Video

    Thanks, I liked his big balls comment.
  2. kcposty

    Kansas Check In

    That would be better if Sea of galilee ducati!
  3. 3 dirtballs out spectating at the Mint 400. Back when a car could be a truck? Husky's shock placement progress illustrated
  4. kcposty

    Dakar 2019 Updates, Pictures & Video

    Inquiring minds want to know. How big a support team is behind a privateer like Skylar? Cost to run Dakar approximately Any opportunities to help on a support crew Resource information such as bike builders, etc
  5. I wondered the same, either way I'd be puckering
  6. kcposty

    Kansas Check In

    Good title for a heavy metal tune
  7. kcposty

    Best Way To Change MX Tires

    When it's cold out put the tire on top of your warmed up truck engine, close the hood and start collecting your tools and remove the wheel in question. After about 20 minutes the tire will be heated up enough to soften some and your on your way
  8. kcposty

    Help with new tires for drz400s

    Shop manual is much more expansive than owners manual
  9. kcposty

    Dakar 2019 Updates, Pictures & Video

    very cool, have you been in this area?
  10. kcposty

    Dakar 2019 Updates, Pictures & Video

    timed section is not the total mileage for the day. for example today's distances are 64km liaison and 323km special for a total of 367, the special section is timed not the liaison.
  11. kcposty

    Help with new tires for drz400s

    I suggest you get a shop manual for the bike. I like paper but also can be found online readily. parts diagrams, routine maintenance and such helpful information
  12. kcposty

    Help with new tires for drz400s

    nice garage
  13. No honda dealers near me so I started out on a 71 Kawasaki ke100. Learned a lot about bike mechanics
  14. Now were talking! 1979 Commissary Ridge Wyoming Fun factoid, Commissary Ridge got it's current name during the 1860's railroad building across the west. Located in western Wyoming just north of the rail line heading towards promontory point and the golden spike in Utah. Found to be so plentiful with all types of game the railroad owners had a spur line constructed so their private cars could be used as hunting lodges. Closest town is Kemmerer Wy, home of JC Penny's and one big open pit coal mine.
  15. Okay, okay theres snow covering everything. Garage is not as exciting as trails. How about some warm ride stories to keeps the juices going! Late 70's early 80's I lived in SLC and between skiing and dirt bikes my calendar always had action on it. Bought the Husky 360 at the Widowmaker hill climb, fox shocks and Simmons forks with a yamaha front brake. Loved that bike out in the desert. Photo is from Little Sahara area of Utah