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  1. You could try these guys. http://www.ebryans.com/signs/index2.html
  2. LowCo

    Shame on DirtRider !

    I like them (Huskys) being limited and exclusive for the most part. I would rather see them grow based on buyer satisfaction and word of mouth, than by amount of advertising dollars spent.
  3. LowCo

    Which wheels will fit?

    Maybe a change of bearings is all you need to make the axel fit. I would like to know as well.
  4. LowCo

    Shame on DirtRider !

    Husky's dont need to suck up to magazine editors. They are selling everyone that hits the floors in the TE line anyway.
  5. Anyone know the name of the product that replaces the left grip with one that has built in shock absorbsion like the flex bars do?
  6. LowCo

    Will a TC exhaust can fit the TE?

    A tunable endcap would be the hot ticket for sure!
  7. LowCo

    Will a TC exhaust can fit the TE?

    Try this thread http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=368066&highlight=modify+exhaust
  8. LowCo

    Will a TC exhaust can fit the TE?

    You can "Open it up" yourself on the stoock exhaust. It is easy and cost nothing but a little time. I'll see if I can find the thread for you or you can search it as well. Exhaust technolgy is SUCH a rip off for motorcycles these days. If you cut open all the different cans on the market, you will see them built almost the same. A perforated tube going through the can wrapped in a noise absorbing packing. NOT alot of room for improvement except for weight savings using lightweight materials, STILL people will pay BIG $$$ for a percieved improvement usually only due to increased sound output!
  9. LowCo

    Rear brakes

    WD-40? They are pretty touchy arnt they? You get used to them the more you ride it. I didnt like them very well decending a steep downhill either. Locked up, went sideways, and slid down the hill on my side They are too strong huh?
  10. Thats one hell of a man right there! BRAVO!
  11. http://irctracking.com/follow_v2.swf
  12. x104 is Chris Parker A01 is Josh Fredrick x218 is Jeff Leonard
  13. Just saw Chad running at 76 mph! That 250 is screaming at that speed I bet!
  14. Trucks are on the coarse. Chad is still ahead of Parker right now.
  15. Looks like some of the trucks are on the way to the start.