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  1. Well I owned a CRF250L and am still on their Facebook groups and most of them are bitching about the high price and short service intervals. Funny how they all wanted a performance 450 but didnt once it was launched.
  2. I agree with your statement. I'm just wondering if Honda entering the market at that price had anything to do with the increase.
  3. I wonder if that Honda CRF450L coming in the door at $10,400 had anything to do with the price increases. Clearly the Beta has more premium components than that Japanese pig.
  4. Tomorrow at 12pm Italian time they will break the news!
  6. I used Motul for the first two oil changes on my '18 500 and 30 hours ago I changed to Rotella T6 for both the engine and tranny. All seems good and the shifting is just as buttery smooth as before. No issues finding neutral. The tranny/clutch was changed slightly in '18 though so I suspect that is why it's easier to find neutral at every stop.
  7. No running issues on my '18 500 RR-S. Yes, the Beta has weird quirks like any euro bike but overall a fantastic bike so far. I have been curious about adding the RE map...anyone do this? Any benefit seen?
  8. Fun times a few weeks ago at #XLADV Mojave National Preserve ride. Good times! [emoji991] Gregory Imagery
  9. This happened last week
  10. Got this installed yesterday! The bezel really adds a finishing touch! Motominded Squadron Pro LED headlight kit. Bezel by DirtyJDesigns
  11. Got the Beta bling today and installed it today! Record install time! [emoji23] (2) red oil plugs, larger red brake pedal, slave cylinder/case guard, hammerhead shift lever and clutch and brake anodized covers!
  12. I like it all in one place too and it keeps me updated on two stroke news for when I eventually get another Beta in the garage besides my 4T.
  13. I didn't go for the dimmer either. If I'm on road I'll just reach over and adjust it down.
  14. I bought directly from motominded
  15. Ordered a few things in the last few days...[emoji847][emoji847][emoji847]