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  1. It was really cool to watch it come out of that giant brown box! Super exciting like a kid opening a big gift on Christmas LOL
  2. Yeah they changed it a little this year has Beta embroidered into the flap
  3. You guys asked for it so you shall receive! I kept it brief because I was on my lunch break. I'll do a full video soon!
  4. Sharing an old post/chart by Roon. "OK, here it is...... stock 2017 RR480 on the dyno (Red line)...the Green line is another manufacturer's stock 2017 500 Power peaks at a bit over 60HP from 8k to 9k RPM I will try and get some of the 2018 BETA 4Ts on to the same dyno so we can see what difference the dual injectors make to power delivery"
  5. The libs far out weight the conservatives in CA. Makes it difficult to stand up against the government.
  6. 🙄 the 2018s....
  7. The big deal is that they'll be released for sale in CA now.
  8. My guess is due to the clutch change? Not too sure though. I'm just excited to be getting my bike soon. I've had my money down on one since the beginning of August!
  9. Just got the word from my dealer that the Beta RR-S bikes passed CARB! Hallelujah!
  10. Looks Great! Where are you located? I've heard through the grapevine that California won't get their RR-S bikes until January [emoji21]
  11. The US RR-S models do not have the dual injectors. However, Barry said the RR models in Australia added some grunt
  12. I am quite blunt in person actually. But I like to think of myself as more blunt than an ass. Some may disagree but they're entitled to that opinion. [emoji16]
  13. Hey man, as I were the one to criticize my opinion of all the kick start I said in the post each his own. You and everyone else can have whatever you'd like on your bikes however I hate to say it...kickstarts won't be an option for much longer. I'm just being a realist.