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  1. I like it all in one place too and it keeps me updated on two stroke news for when I eventually get another Beta in the garage besides my 4T.
  2. I didn't go for the dimmer either. If I'm on road I'll just reach over and adjust it down.
  3. I bought directly from motominded
  4. Ordered a few things in the last few days...[emoji847][emoji847][emoji847]
  5. Beta 500 RR-S - Racetech Suspension by Tyler Southerlin - Review One word......UNBELIEVABLE! Night and Day difference from the stock setup. I weigh 175lbs and with the stock suspension at high speed I was blowing through the stroke in desert riding when hitting whoops and square edges. The new setup (Racetech gold valves in the forks and shock paired with proper springs for my weight) helped tremendously to prevent plowing through the stroke at high speed. This has been the best investment I've put into the Beta so far and would HIGHLY recommend it. It literally felt like the bike was floating through the rough stuff. I cannot express how satisfied I am. Simply amazing.
  6. Update on my issue! It's been fixed. Ended up being the fuel regulator that was faulty and not allowing flow. Before the pump was replaced the service manager replaced the fuel regulator only to see if that was the problem. Sure enough, it was. Bike runs faster than I remember. Super excited to try out the revalved and resprung suspension this weekend!
  7. With the stock gearing (15/48) you can do over 100mph. It won't be much fun in the dirt though. Beta provides a 13t as well with the bike and I run that all the time. Can cruise comfortable at 65
  8. Beta didn't think it was the fuel pump originally but now have decided to replace at my dealers request. Fuel pump will be here Tuesday. We will see if it fixes it!
  9. Thanks! It's come a long way in the last 4.5 months!
  10. Got gold valves front and rear, bladder kit, springs, and micro polish the tubes and shock shaft.
  11. Out with the with the gold! Race Tech gold valving
  12. Out with the with the gold! 2018 Beta 500RR-S with Racetech gold valving components.
  13. Glad you're ok dude! I know those trails around Trabuco canyon well.
  14. There was also a great review by Dirt Bike Magazine a few months ago. Raving review and even went as far to quote "BEST Powerband in the dual sport class"
  15. Visit motominded's site. Plug and play. It's an LED. Doesn't need much power.