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  1. Glad I could help!
  2. Anyone ever notice their tachometer on their Voyager never going above 4K rpms? I did and figured out the problem in the comments section of a YouTube video. Works normal now! There's a few friends this has helped out so I figured this would be helpful to an even bigger audience here!
  3. I love this! Great idea.
  4. 200 hours does seem a lot for 2000 miles! Have you checked your hour meter on your bike? I feel like most people average about 30hrs every 1000 miles.
  5. That's interesting...a lot of road and your average speed is only 10mph? Seems off unless you're going really slow on the street.
  6. I think the VX2 has more tensile strength. I think that's why I went with it over the Enduro model.
  7. How many hours are on your bike?
  8. VX2 is what I did on my last bike. It's still going strong. My Beta is still too new to need anything. Get the gold chain [emoji7]
  9. I stick with D.I.D but there are other brands. BetaUSA and all the big OEMs use DID too so that's my two cents.
  10. X-ring...less friction and longer life
  11. Agreed. It's really annoying...
  12. Once again...just referencing something that I saw that seemed slightly similar. Just trying to help the guy out. I feel bad for the guy, especially since he's a fellow Beta owner and SoCal guy!
  13. Very little. I was just referencing a post....