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  1. lowerbay402

    speedometer and odometer quit reading

    I think you might of saw my thread.. I still have the problem the cable was a bit loose I tightened it up and still didn't seem to work. I tried tightening up the screw on the speed sensor...I haven't had a Chance to ride it till than tho. .
  2. lowerbay402

    Speedometer and odometer cut out!

    I just noticed it looking at it today
  3. lowerbay402

    Speedometer and odometer cut out!

    Yes quite a bit.. and I did notice the end near the hub does rotate
  4. lowerbay402

    Speedometer and odometer cut out!

    The cluster still works. The mph just says 0 and stopped clocking my miles.. I was going about 80mphs than it said I was going 2mph than went to 0.. everything lgts up its just not registering that I'm moveing
  5. lowerbay402

    Speedometer and odometer cut out!

    Hey guys I was going down the road last ride and the gauge just stopped working... my drz is not even a year old, I think it could be my speed sensor?
  6. lowerbay402

    Horn and Head/turn light switch

    My bike took a spill and broke the plastic switch cluster on the left side..all the wiring/guts are good in side..so I was wondering if there is a way to just buy the plastic part it self?
  7. lowerbay402

    first oil change &%$#@!?

    What kind of filter should I get for my oil? I was looking at k&n but I know I can never go wrong with a oem..
  8. lowerbay402

    Where to trail ride in NJ

    If your plated they don't care. I was just out there with my 2014 s and I had a hard time with thos stock tires...I would not recommend it, there just so much suger sand. There are a lot of single tracks out there you could possibly do
  9. lowerbay402

    first oil change &%$#@!?

    Thanks for the info..
  10. lowerbay402

    first oil change &%$#@!?

    I'm coming up on 600 miles so I will be giving mine its first oil change soon...I think ill remember this good info..
  11. lowerbay402

    DRZ pics with the best background landscape

    Went over to the Delaware river. In national park,NJ.
  12. lowerbay402

    Need to choose a helmet..

    Yeah I definitely will try a bunch on, thanks for the info/help guys.. I'm just so picky with apparel..
  13. lowerbay402

    Need to choose a helmet..

    OK cool because I was looking at a msr for 130
  14. lowerbay402

    Do I want a 2000 DRZ 400s?

    Just picked up a 2014 drz...one of the best things I bought yet
  15. The time has come for a new helmet, I was wondering if anyone knows some good brands and what not.